New Peripheral Water Main commissioned from Malviya Nagar to Chirag Delhi; immediate increased water supply to Greater Kailash and Malviya Nagar

  • New Peripheral Water Main commissioned from Malviya Nagar to Chirag Delhi
  • A number of colonies in south Delhi will be benefited
  • Project inaugurated today by Sh Kapil Mishra, Vice Chairperson, DJB in the presence of Sh Saurabh Bhardwaj, MLA and Sh R.S. Tyagi, Member Water Supply, Delhi Jal Board
  • Work has been executed at a cost of Rs 4 Crores
  • DJB engineers and the PPP Operator has work overtime to ensure that the people get benefit of the project in the summer season

The Delhi Jal Board today commissioned its new peripheral water main in South Delhi. It was inaugurated by Sh Kapil Mishra, Vice Chairperson, Delhi Jal Board, and Sh R.S. Tyagi, Member (Water Supply) Dehi Jal Board in the presence of the officers of of DJB, representatives of Malviya Nagar Water Services Pvt Ltd, the PPP operator of the area and people in large number . The length of this new peripheral water main is 3.5 kilometer and it runs from the Maviya Nagar Booster Pumping Station to Chirag Delhi. The total cost of the project is Rs 4 crores.

The engineers of the DJB have worked overnight to ensure that the project is completed in a record time and the benefits of the project reach the people in the summer season. It will lead to improvement in water pressure and will also take water to the new areas. Speaking on the occasion, Sh Kapil Mishra, Vice Chairperson of DJB, commended the officers of the Delhi Jal Board for the hard work put in by them to complete the project successfully in least possible time. He also congratulated the people of the area who will be benefited by this new line. The reiterated the commitment of the Government of NCT of Delhi under the dynamic leadership of Sh Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister Delhi and Sh Manish Sishodia, Deputy Chief Minister and Chairperson, DJB to provide water to each household in Delhi.

Sh Saurabh Bhardwaj, MLA thanked the Vice Chairperson of the DJB and DJB officers for completion of the project at the critical time by putting in extra efforts. Sh R.S. Tyagi, Member, Water Supply, Delhi Jal Board said that the DJB is working hard to increase the water production and its equitable distribution in the city. An elaborate summer action plan has been prepared and is being implemented to provide relief to the people in the critical summer months. Water conservation, better efficiency and prudent management of water has been the mantra of the Delhi Jal Board. He further said that from this water main line, a number of service lines will emanate which will carry water to the colonies which were not connected so far with the piped water supply network. It will bring a major relief to the people of the area who were dependent on tankers for the water needs.

Commissioning of this water main will immediately benefit a large area in south Delhi including Sadhna Enclave, Savitri Nagar, Seikh Sarai Ph-1, Soami Nagar and Chirag Delhi Village and many more. It will supply 10 million litres of water per day to about 50,000 residents of the area. Water will be supplied through this water main line from Malviya Nagar UGR for 6 hours a day, 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening.

Wazirabad Main Rising near ISBT damaged by DMRC, repaired within a record time period by AAP-led Delhi Government

  • Wazirabad rising main near Qudesia Bagh near ISBT damaged by DMRC, repaired within a record time period .
  • Water supply restored

The water rising main at wazirabad which was damaged on the night of 27th May while DMRCwas carrying out the trenchless work for crossing the ring road near ISBT was repaired within the recored time and supply of the water was restored by delhi jal board. DMRC was carrying out the trenchless work for crossing Ring Road near ISBT. During their work, the above rising main was damaged by equipment crossing the road by the agency engaged by DMRC for trenchless work.

The CEO Delhi Jal Board Shri SS Yadav informed that on receipt of this information, Delhi Jal Board took immediate following steps to avoid loss of drinking water and to prevent damage to the existing properties and any other unforeseen mishap.

  1. Stopped the plant within half an hour.
  2. Isolated the water line within limited stretch so that minimum inconvenience is caused to the public in terms of water supply.
  3. Engaged expert agency within 3 hours of the damage.
  4. Informed to PWD for removal of their heavy structure for signage coming above the damaged water line.
  5. Notify in various news papers about affected areas
  6. Additional water tankers deployed in the affected areas.

Shri yadav further informed that the water rising mains from various water treatment plants are feeding to various reservoirs and areas. These rising mains are of bigger diameter and run round the clock with very high pressure to ensure that water supply reaches to the farthest end.

Shri yadav said that the Duplicate rising main emanating from Wazirabad WTP is 900 mm dia runs around 25 kms from Wazirabad to Greater Kailash and fills GK-I reservoir apart from serving area of CGO Complex, Darya Ganj, Walled City areas including Kashmiri Gate.

He said that there were following challenges before the Delhi Jal Board in restoration water supply of the affected areas as early as possible:

  1. Removal of heavy structure of PWD constructed for signage. Hence, the officers of PWD were called at the site for removal of structure from the water line.
  2. A bunch of telephone and power cables running over the water line which were supported with the help of temporary structure.
  3. Existing waste water line of 350 mm dia running parallel and above the existing damaged line was also supported.
  4. Depth of water line is around 15 feet deep below the average road level. Above this water line all the above services were running.

Despite of all the above difficulties and hindrances, Delhi Jal Board repaired this water line within a record time of 36 hours and restored water supply by doing work round the clock. All the senior officers remained at site and monitored the work. Three Hydra for supporting services and lowering of pipes, three submersible pumps to dewater water, and two JCBs for digging of trench were engaged apart from 25 skilled labours.

DMRC has been asked to compensate Delhi Jal Board and PWD for the above expenditure incurred due to their negligence

AAP Delhi PWD minister directs suspension of two engineers after road inspection


New Delhi: 30/05/2015

Delhi PWD minister Mr Satyendar Jain on Saturday conducted a surprise inspection of the Rani Jhansi Marg near Tyre Market in Sadar Bazar area of the national capital, following complaints of sub-standard construction work.

The minister found that poor quality work was going on in the construction of 600 metre drain on this road. Quality of concrete was not upto the mark, thickness of slabs had been unauthorisedly reduced and spacing of reinforcement had been wrongly increased.

Mr Jain directed suspension of the Assistant Engineer and the Junior Engineer for their lapses in supervision of the work and alleged collusion with the contractor for cheating the government in execution of a public work.

The minister directed repatriation of the Superintending Engineer responsible for this area back to the CPWD.  He was informed that the Executive Engineer had already been transferred by the department.

Mr Jain also directed the Quality Assurance (QA) team of the department to conduct a detailed inquiry to establish the extent of dereliction of the officials named and their alleged involvement in the lapses found in the execution of this work.

It was noticed during the inspection that a slab of the drain had been wrongly demolished, spacing of reinforcement was 200 mm against the approved design spacing of 125mm. The thickness of the slab was around 100mm as against the design thickness of 150mm.

The quality of concrete was also not upto the mark, since the concrete broke on slight hammering despite the concrete slab resting on sandstone slabs.

Aam Aadmi Party MLAs visit Ballabhgarh; to submit preliminary report to National Human Rights Commission

The four-member fact finding team of the Aam Aadmi Party which extensively toured the communal-riot hit areas in Ballabhgarh district of Haryana, has submitted its preliminary report to the party leadership.

The team comprising Delhi MLAs Naresh Balyan and Amanatullah Khan, along with party leaders Abhas Chandela and Feroz Khan, has been asked to prepare a detailed report by Sunday evening.

In its preliminary finding, the AAP team has informed the party that poor Muslims residing in Atali village of Ballabhgarh district were targeted when they were offering evening prayers at a small Mosque on May 25.

The AAP team has also found that the local Police did not try to diffuse the communal tension and allowed the Muslims to be targeted. The team was also told that no FIR has been registered in this case so far.

The party has decided to send the detailed report of its fact finding team to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) so that it could take cognizance of extremely shocking situation in the vicinity of the national capital.

The AAP condemns the BJP’s state government’s indifference towards the plight of riot victims, who were forced to flee their homes and spend nights in tents.

Media reports clearly show that the riot was orchestrated over a five year old dispute. The state machinery preferred to turn a blind eye and allowed perpetrators to unleash violence over helpless villagers. The Haryana government appears to be punishing the victims for their religious identity.

The AAP expresses its anguish at BJP’s Haryana government’s insensitive way of dealing with the situation and failure to maintain communal harmony in Haryana.

Aam Aadmi Party welcomes the Central Administrative Tribunal order striking down 2-member appointment committee of the Cabinet (ACC)

The decision of the Central Administrative Tribunal striking down the orders of the two-member appointments committee of the Cabinet (ACC) headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi should act as an eye-opener for Modi and his government. Aam Aadmi party welcomes the decision of the Tribunal and believes that the judgment is a big booster of morale for all the honest and hard working officers in the country. The Modi led committee;s decision against anti-corruption crusader Sanjiv Chaturvedi was not just undemocratic, but it was also encouraging for the corrupt people in the system as honest officers were seen to be punished.

The fact that the Central Tribunal has noted in their judgement that the orders of the ACC were without justification and against the principles of natural justice tells enough about the working of the Narendra Modi government in centre. Delhi government under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal has already written to the concerned authorities to facilitate the transfer the Sanjiv Chaturvedi to Delhi so that he can be an important force in AAP government’s fight against the corrupt.

The decision of the CAT against the ACC is also the reason why Narendra Modi government has been purposely keeping institutions like CIC, CVC and many commissions including child rights commission vacant and without proper functionaries to head them since it came to power. Democratic and constitutional bodies and their proper functioning are a threat to the oppressive rule of Narendra Modi and his ministry.

While welcoming the decision of CAT and demanding that officer Sanjiv Chaturvedi be transferred to Delhi for his services, AAP demands that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and ACC should apologize to the people of the country for blocking an honest officer by its erroneous decision.

Deputy Chief Manish Sisodia reviews cases of departmental indiscipline and financial irregularities; recommends punishment ramp-up in 4 cases


New Delhi: 30/05/2015

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Sh. Manish Sisodia has reviewed several cases of dereliction of duty, cases of not following prescribed codal formalities, financial misappropriation, violation of departmental guidelines and concealing vital information.

The Deputy CM has recommended to the relevant authorities, increase in the punishment given to the concerned officers in four cases.

In the first case Principal of Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Rani Jhansi Road, the department had proposed initiation of minor penalty proceedings. The Deputy Chief Minister recommended enhancing the penalty.

Background: An inspection of Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Rani Jhansi Road was conducted by some officers of LG Secretariat on 26/11/2014. At the time of inspection, the cleanliness in the school premises was in pathetic condition. The toilets, area outside the school building, classrooms, common areas and even the staff room were in a very bad shape. Principal gave the vague reasons for the pathetic condition as non-cooperation from the outsourced agency, which has been awarded the contract of cleanliness and lack of funds etc. Principal was placed under suspension on the ground of contemplated disciplinary proceedings against him.

In the second case of one Adhoc DANICS officer, the department had proposed initiation of minor penalty proceedings. The Deputy CM recommended the initiation of major penalty proceedings against him.

Background: As Assistant Commissioner, Food & Supplies (Enforcement), the said officer was responsible for taking effective steps to prevent diversion of specified articles under PDS. On 06/09/2013, he got information regarding the impounding of truck carrying PDS food-grains by the police. Despite the fact that it was a major suspected case of diversion of PDS food-grains, he took the matter in a very casual way and sent a team of 04 inspectors at the spot at Lawrence Road. He neither informed his superiors nor sent a team headed by a senior official of the rank of Asstt. Commissioner or at least a FSO in consultation with his seniors. Instead of directing the Inspectors to check the premises of the mill and its records regarding the receipt and supply of the stock etc., allowed to furnish a clean chit to the police within hours as a result, no case was registered by the police, though it was prima facie a case of diversion of PDS food grains. He informed the Addl. Commissioner (Enforcement) about the incident only 10/9/2013 i.e. after a lapse of three days through a routine note, suggesting closure of entire issue.

In the third case of another Principal, the department had proposed initiation of major penalty proceedings. The Dy CM reviewed the case and recommended strict action against him, which may go up to dismissal.

Background:  The said Principal while working as Head of School in Govt. Sarvodaya Co-ed Sr. Sec. School, Hiran Kudna, New Delhi misappropriated public funds by fraudulently drawing an amount of Rs. 5436/- from Pupil’s Welfare Fund as salary of Ms. Monika, IT Assistant for the month of June, 2013 whereas IT Assistant joined in July, 2013. The said Principal allowed cutting and removal of four trees from the school premises, though, Deputy Conservator of Forests had allowed for cutting/removal of only one tree. The said Principal did not follow the prescribed codal formalities in the utilization of Plan Budget 2012 for Annual Day 2012. He violated departmental guidelines by allowing distribution of mid-day meal through sweepers instead of by Service Provider.

In the fourth case of a Principal (Sarvodaya, Co-ed Sr. Sec. School, Nanakpura, New Delhi), the department had proposed initiation of minor penalty against her. The Deputy CM upheld the proposal of the department.

Delhi Government’s Trade and Tax Department seals premises of 3 transporters for not complying with DVAT act


Dated: 28th May 2015

On a source information that some Transporter/Carriers in Delhi are engaged in transportation of unaccounted goods without complying the provisions envisaged in DVAT Act 2004 & AVAT Rules 2005 and thus, are evading tax at large scale in the process. The Department of Trade and Taxes, after getting the existence of the three Transporter/Carriers i.e. 1. Delhi Bombay Speed Carriers, 7221-22, New Qutab Road, Ram Nagar, Delhi. 2. Central Transport Co., 7210-11 & 7196, New Qutab Road, Near Hanuman Mandir, Delhi & 3. Bombay Delhi Carrier, 10815, Jhandwalan Road, Nabi Karim, Delhi verified, conducted survey upon them on 23.05.2015. All the three of them failed to produce the documents envisaged under DVAT Rules such as Bills & Delivery Challan of the goods, hence their business were sealed.

The taxable goods in the possession of these three Transporters, as recorded during the visit and subsequently sealed by this department inter-alia consisted of Toys, Footwear, PU Fabric, Cosmetics, Tailoring material etc.

The Department will impose appropriate Tax & Penalty as per provisions of the said Act. On preliminary examination, it is ascertained that amount of Rs. 10.00 Lacs would be realized from this operation against Tax & Penalty.