AAP Delhi Government to sell onions at Rs 30 per kg now; price stabilisation efforts successful

  • Delhi government lowers the price of onions being sold by it from Rs 40 to Rs 30 per kg at 280 outlets
  • Decision will lead to stabilization of onion prices in open market
  • Government will bear the difference in cost of procurement, storage and selling price of Rs 30/kg

New Delhi: 12/08/2015

The Delhi Cabinet in its meeting on Wednesday chaired by chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, decided to lower the price of onions being sold at 280 government outlets and through mobile vans in the national capital to Rs 30 per kg, to take forward its initiative of providing good quality onions to the people at a reasonable price.

This step would act as an effective market intervention mechanism to ensure stabilization of onion prices and consumer welfare for the people of Delhi.

Market correction in onion prices had already begun after the government announcement last week to sell onions at Rs 40 per kg and the results were visible in retail prices in open markets and it also led to biggest retail chain in Delhi, SAFAL, lowering the prices of onions.

Delhi government’s decision now to lower the selling price of onions (from Rs 40 to Rs 30 per kg) procured and stored through Small Farmers Agri Business Consortium (SFAC) at Nasik, will lead to a further reduction in the prices of good quality onions in the national capital.

Delhi government has decided to bear the cost it will incur in selling onions at Rs 30 per kg at its outlets across the national capital, though the cost of procurement, storage, transportation and delivery is higher, since it is of the clear view that public should not suffer on account of fluctuation of prices of essential commodities.

The government will bear the cost of onion prices stabilization till this product is available in good quality and abundant quantity at a reasonable price in the open market.

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