Delhi Government takes another step in controlling onion price rise variance through direct intervention at mandis

  • Delhi govt to flag-off onion vans from wholesale markets on Friday afternoon
  • Development Minister will flag-off 34 vans from Azadpur Mandi
  • Simultaneously vans will be flagged-off from Okhla, Ghazipur & Keshavpur
  • Govt to bear the cost of vans and manpower required for selling onions at model prices
  • Onion prices continue to come down in Delhi’s wholesale market
  • Govt Fair Price Shops continue to sell onions at a subsidized.

    Dated : 27-8-2015
    Delhi government will flag-off vans carrying onions from four wholesale markets of the national capital to all 70 assembly constituencies on Friday, as part of its effort to ensure adequate supply of onions at reasonable prices.
    Development Minister Mr Gopal Rai will flag-off the 34 vans carrying onions from the Azadpur Mandi at 2:30 PM.
    Simultaneously, 16 vans from Ghazipur, 10 from Okhla and 10 from Keshavpur fruit and vegetable markets will be flagged-off by senior department officials.
    As per the government’s understanding with the Potato and Onion Merchant Association (POMA), these vans will sell onions at model rates, which will be decided by the Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC).
    Delhi government is bearing the cost of the van and manpower to help wholesale traders sell their stock in open market at Mandi rates, so that there is no shortage of onions in the open market and this will also help in continuing the downward trend in onion prices.
    Development Minister Mr Gopal Rai reiterated there is no shortage of onions in the wholesale markets of Delhi and the decision to send vans in all 70 assembly constituencies will remove the fear in minds of public about shortage of onions.
    This new scheme is in addition to the Delhi government’s ongoing programme of providing onions at a subsidized price of Rs 30/kg at 280 Fair Price Shops (FPS) and through mobile vans.
    The government will review its decision of providing vans to wholesale traders after 15 days.
    Minimum price : Rs 18.75 per kg
    Model rate         : Rs 41 per kg
    Maximum          : Rs 49.59 per kg
    This price list shows that the trend of decline in onion rates is steadily continuing.

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