Major relief for small commercial establishments in Delhi: DJB abolishes mixed use category and other slabs rationalized

·      DJB provides major relief in water bills to small commercial establishments
·      Mixed use category also abolished
·      Tariff slabs for the commercial category rationalized
·      Mixed land use connection holders can get their connections converted to domestic

The Delhi Jal Board, has recently abolished the mixed-use category. Tariff under this category was applicable to such residential properties which are using a part of it for commercial activity. As per the revised policy, if mixed-land use involves activities which do not use water in its process undertaken, such as Atta Chakki, Stationary Shop, Kiryana Shop, Shoes Shop, Grocery Shop, Mobile Shop, Cloth Shop, Tailor Shop, S.T.D. Booth, Property Dealer Office, Cyber Cafe, etc. and other similar activities, it will now be placed in the Domestic Category .

Other properties having mixed-use in which water is used as input either in processing or in manufacturing like Food Corner, Juice Shop, Snacks Counter, Tea Shop, Barber, Beauty Parlor, Dentist Clinic, Coaching Centers, Play School, Offices and such other similar activities with high footfall will now come under the Commercial Category. Consumers can apply for separate water connections for domestic and commercial use if such activities co-exist in a premise. However, in such a situation, the consumer is also bound to maintain separate storage and supply system for both activities.

Delhi Jal Board has provided a major relief to the small commercial establishments by reducing both service and volumetric charges. This is to encourage consumers to reduce consumption and conserve water. Tariff slabs in the Commercial Category have been rationalized and made affordable for commercial establishments consuming less quantity of water, upto 6,000 litres per month, thereby bringing their monthly bill to around Rs. 287 per month. The tariff slabs in the Commercial Category have been rationalized as below:

Comparison between old and new tariff

Comparison of existing and revised tariff under the Commercial Category

A Public Notice was issued on 12.08.2015, to the consumers for submission of undertaking to convert the connection either to the Domestic Category or to the Commercial Category in 21 days, failing which such connections will be automatically converted into commercial. In case the consumers of the Mixed-use Category have not submitted the requisite undertaking, they should immediately approach the Zonal Revenue Officer of DJB of their area to get their connection converted into domestic category.

Establishments consuming upto 10 KL water per month had to pay Rs.600 while consumers from 10-15 KL paid Rs. 908 per month but now consumers’ upto 6 KL will pay only Rs. 161 while those consuming between    6-10 KL will only pay Rs. 314 per month. Establishments consuming Rs 15-25 KL per month will pay Rs. 615 per month.

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