PWD acquiesces to DJB policy suggestion to use recycled water for horticultural purposes; 1.75 million liters saved through departmental knowledge transfer!

  • On the request of Delhi Jal Board, Public Works Department decides to use only recycled water for horticultural purposes
  • In all contracts for horticultural work by PWD, there will be mandatory provision to use recycled water only
  • Saving of 1.75 million liters of ground water daily
  • DDA and all the 3 Municipal Corporations of Delhi are also being persuaded to use only recycled water for horticulture purpose.

    In a landmark decision, the Public Works Department (PWD) of Govt. of NCT of Delhi had decided to use only recycled water from Sewage Treatment Plants of Delhi Jal Board for all its horticultural needs. DJB had requested PWD to promote use of recycled water for non-drinking purposes. Presently ground water is being used by PWD for watering the plants on the central verge, parks and lawns etc. From October, 2015 use of only recycled water will be mandatory to meet horticultural needs. This will prevent extraction of ground water in a big way and 1.75 Million Liters of ground water will be saved daily.

    DJB has made available to the PWD the list of locations of hydrants for recycled water installed at various Wastewater Treatment Plants across Delhi. All agencies providing water to various sites of PWD for irrigation or horticultural use, through agreements, shall switch to supplying only recycled water.  All such agencies have been asked to make this switch by 05.10.2015 at the latest.  In fact, it has been agreed that for all future agreements, tenders should clearly specify that the source of water for horticultural purposes must be from WWTPs.

    PWD has also initiated an action plan to utilize recycled water supplied by the Delhi Jal Board in a systematic manner and it has been agreed that this plan shall be finalized in close coordination with DJB.

    Sh. Kapil Mishra, Hon’ble Minister for Water and Chairperson, Delhi Jal Board said, “Recycled water can satisfy most water demands, as long as it is adequately treated to ensure water quality appropriate for the use. To reduce the burden on potable water, it is important to use recycled water for non-potable purposes. Water recycling offers resources and financial savings.DJB has tailored Wastewater treatment to meet the water quality requirements of a planned reuse”.

    Sh. S. S. Yadav, CEO, DJB said, “In line with the Delhi Government’s policy of bringing all the citizens of Delhi into the piped water supply network, DJB is promoting the use of recycled water to reduce stress on drinking water.  DJB has been actively looking to identify new opportunities for recycled water”.

    DJB is actively promoting the use of recycled water that has been purified through a high level of treatment for irrigation, industrial and agricultural uses. The goal of using recycled water is to conserve the use of potable water for highest, best use and to reduce our dependency on potable water for non-potable purposes.

    DJB has taken up the matter with DDA and all 3 Municipal Corporations of Delhi to use only recycled water for irrigation in parks and other green space and to stop extraction of ground water for this purpose. DJB has Sewage Treatment Plants at 17 locations across Delhi from where recycled water can be obtained either through tankers or by laying pipeline.

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