Statement from Delhi Power Minister @SatyendarJain to Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission on tariff petitions

Power Minister Mr Satyendar Jain has issued the following statement on Thursday on the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Decision (DERC) decision on tariff petitions of the private power distribution companies (discoms) :
At first sight, it appears the DERC has kept the sentiments of the people of Delhi and their elected representatives in mind while deciding the tariff petitions of DISCOMS for the current financial year.
Though the DERC has not announced any hike in electricity tariffs, the government is of the firm view that tariffs should have been reduced.
The government had conveyed its view to the DERC that in wake of reported findings of the Comptroller & Auditor General (C&AG) in the media, which have not been disputed by any concerned party so far, the electricity tariffs should be reduced.
The government is also of the view that the Regulatory Assets being demanded by the DISCOMS are highly inflated and these should be completely scrapped by the DERC.
The government will continue to convey its views to the DERC so that people of Delhi get justice.

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