Delhi Jal Board makes history by laying water pipelines to highest number of unauthorized colonies in a year #500DaysOfAAP

·         Delhi Jal Board makes history by laying water pipelines to highest number of unauthorized colonies in a single year
·         DJB lays pipeline in 217 colonies in FY 2015-16; this is 11 times the number of colonies reached between 2005-09
·         DJB achieves this feat despite laying minimum amount of re-laid pipes or new pipelines ever
·         Water Minister Kapil Mishra sets DJB target for 2016-17 at 300 colonies
Dated : 18/4/2016
Amidst freshly released figures by the Delhi Jal Board, it was found that in the year 2015-2016, the first year of the new Delhi government under CM Arvind Kejriwal, only 19 km was re-laid and 167 km was newly laid with a total coverage of 217 colonies, which is the maximum colonies covered in one year in the history of the Delhi Jal Board. With this effort in the past year, the total number of unauthorized colonies covered by water pipelines is 1119.
This is in stark contrast to the year, 2007-08, when the Delhi Jal Board under the Congress’ Delhi Government laid 210 kms of new water supply network and re-laid 347 kms of existing water supply only to cover 0 colonies. Further, in total, from 2005-09, 1330 km of network was replaced and 1130 km was laid but only 20 colonies in total were reached. As recently as in 2013-14, which was the last year of the Congress Government in Delhi, over 350 kms of water pipeline were laid with only 34 colonies covered.
Water Minister Kapil Mishra said, “During the election campaign, our CM Arvind Kejriwal ji made a special commitment of the provision of basic rights and facilities to all unauthorized colonies which have long been left from the planning process by successive Union and state governments. The Delhi Jal Board under his leadership has delivered on the promises made to the Aam Aadmi. I congratulate the entire engineering and project management team at Delhi Jal Board for this excellent effort in reaching every corner of Delhi.”
He added, “Earlier, pipes used to be re-laid only to benefit contractors and not the common man. In this FY 2015-16, we have re-laid the least amount of pipeline and yet reached the most number of colonies in one year. If you calculate the number of colonies reached per kilometer network laid, the AAP Government of 2015-16 has been 144 times more efficient than the Delhi Government from 2005-09. That is all I need to say.”
The Delhi Jal Board plans to reach 300 colonies in the coming year and seeks to reach every house with piped water supply by December 2017.

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