Delhi Transport Minister @AAPkaGopalRai writes to state Transport Ministers for support in #OddEven #500DaysOfAAP

  • Air Quality Monitoring during Odd-Even plan between April 15-30
  • Delhi Transport Minister writes to transport ministers of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and governor of Uttarakhand – seeking their cooperation.

Dated : 08/04/ 2016


To understand the impact of Odd Even plan for four wheeled vehicles scheduled between15 to 30 April, on the air quality of Delhi, the Delhi Polution Control Committee (DPCC) will monitor the Ambient Air quality with special reference to PM 2.5 and PM 10 at 119 locations in and around the national capital.


Monitoring of Ambient Air is planned at 74 locations with the help of Light Scattering Based Technology. These locations will be monitored regularly excluding Sundays almost on the same time and locations.


This monitoring will include random sampling for short durations and will be targeted to know the trend of Air quality.


74 locations are on seven borders of Delhi. In these border areas, one sample will be taken inside Delhi (1-2 km), second sample will be on the border and third sample will be 1-2 kms inside the neighbouring states. In addition, 20 residential locations of Delhi will be monitored using manual samplers, twice between 6 to 14 April and twice during The Odd Even Part -II.


15 Industrial areas of Delhi will also be monitored in the same manner.


At 10 locations, monitoring will be conducted to know the impact of vehicular traffic on road, for this a sampler will be located on the road curb and second sampler will be at about 100-150 meters away.


(Please find attached the letter written by Tranport Minister Mr Gopal Rai to governments of six neighbouring states seeking their cooperation for Odd/Even) 




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