Delhi Water Minister announces transformative measures in water supply and RWH #500DaysOfAAP

New Delhi : 02/03/2016

·  Water Minister Kapil Mishra announces transformative measures to implement rainwater harvesting and improve water supply

·  Highly simplified easily implementable RWH Structure recommended by Delhi Jal Board. Implementation extended to 30th June, 2016

·  Huge benefit for the consumers in E, F, G and H category of colonies with 100% waiver of arrears of old water bills- all other categories to also benefit

·  DJB approves piped water supply in B to G block in Sonia Vihar, Sri Ram Colony in Rajeev Nagar and Village Sabha Pur at Karawal Nagar benefitting 1.75 lac people

·  Board to construct 23.60 ML capacity UGR and BPS at Shakur Basti, Harsh Vihar

·  DJB approves laying of a peripheral sewer line along the Main Tigri Road up to Dakshin Puri SPS benefitting around 3 lac people

·  DJB to rehabilitate water pipe lines from Baba Colony More to Burari UGR near Transport Authority to prevent leakage

Delhi Jal Board and Water Minister, Kapil Mishra on Tuesday chaired the 126th DJB Board meeting. DJB Vice-Chairperson, Dinesh Mohaniya, CEO Keshav Chandra, Members of the Board and Senior Officials of DJB were present in the meeting. During the meeting, the Members of the Board deliberated upon and approved key projects/schemes to improve the water and wastewater services provided by the Board.

Groundwater resources in many part of the city are overexploited. The extent of replenishment of ground water is much less than what the city as a whole is withdrawing due to its rapid urbanisation. Availability of surface water in Delhi is limited and is dependent on river water sharing among the riparian/ basin states and interstate agreements, therefore, there is an urgent need to preserve the ground water resources and to take measures for its sustainable availability. Taking into cognisance that applicants seeking permission for installation of recharge bores for the purpose of rain water harvesting are not getting permission from the District advisory committees, while at the same time penalties as per the provisions in the Delhi Water and Sewer (Tariff  & Metering) Regulation 2012 are being imposed on DJB consumers for not putting up RWA structures in their premises, the Board has approved a highly simplified easily implementable RWA structure which does not require a borewell. This particular structure has proved effective in other countries. The Board has extended the date of installation of the RWH structures to 30th June,2016. Therefore, it has been considered that RWH Structures for the purpose of Ground Water recharge may be without recharge bores and filter media comprising of stone/ pea gravels etc. Further, simple modular designs and drawings of recharge chambers are to provide capacities and suggestive sizes of the recharge chambers required depending on the runoff generated from roof top area only.

In a major relief to its consumers Delhi Jal Board has announced a waiver of water bills pending till November, 2015. The benefits of the scheme can be availed from 15.02.2016 to 31.07.2016 by the domestic (individual and bulk) consumers having functional water meter. Under the scheme 100 % Late Payment Surcharge (LPSC) waiver will be given to all domestic consumers whereas rebate in the  principle amount will be on the basis of the category of colonies applicable for House Tax purposes in Municipal Corporation, as given below:

Category of Colony for Property Tax

Percentage of Principal Demand to be waived off

Percentage of LPSC to be waived off

E, F, G & H









A & B



E, F, G and H category areas will be completely exempted from paying the pending bills. Consumers need not visit the ZRO office as their bills will be automatically waived off as long as they have a functional water meter and 75% exemption will be given to the consumers residing in  D category areas.  People living in C category areas will receive 50% exemption while A and B category areas will be given exemption up to 25% on the water bills. The Late Payment Surcharge (LPSC) will be totally waived in all the categories.

As a part of the Government agenda to provide piped water to all the citizens of the city and also to cut down the Non-Revenue water loss, the Board has decided to launch a simplified scheme to regularize unauthorized water connections. Earlier for getting an unauthorized water connection regularised, the applicant was required to pay an amount of Rs. 20,000. In order to encourage the consumers to go in for authorized water connection, an amount of Rs. 500/- per connection for domestic and mixed use category cases and Rs 1500/- for commercial/ industrial cases per connection, in place of 3,000/- levied earlier as penalty.  A lump sum amount of Rs. 500/- in case of Domestic and mixed use category and Rs 1500/- in commercial/ industrial category will be levied per connection in place of water charges for three years as prescribed earlier. This will help DJB in enforcing better water accounting as well as bring about reduction in Non-Revenue Water.

For bringing about overall improvement of the water supply system, the Board has accorded approval to the proposal for the construction of the 23.60 ML capacity UGR and BPS along with peripheral water mains at Shakur Basti, Harsh Vihar. The construction of 23.60 ML capacity UGR and BPS will help in improving water supply in Harsh Vihar, Shakurpur, Shakurpur Village, Rani Bagh, Pushpanjali Enclave, West Enclave and other adjoining areas. The estimated cost for the construction is Rs. 50.17 Crores.

DJB approved the work of providing and laying of water line in Bharat Nagar A, B,C and D block, Begampur Extension in Begam Vihar A,B,C,D and E Block in Bawana, Begampur Extension Rajiv Nagar at a total cost of Rs.3.60 crore, Rs. 3.90 crore and 4.70 crore respectively. The project is estimated to benefit a large number of residents residing in the area.

For the work of providing, laying and jointing the Water Supply distribution network in B to G block in Sonia Vihar, Sri Ram Colony in Rajeev Nagar and Village Sabha Pur at Karawal Nagar at a total cost of about Rs.12 crore, Rs.5 crore and Rs. 4 crore respectively was approved by the Board thereby benefitting around 1.75 lac people of these areas.

The Board has given administrative approval to the estimate of concurred approval of Rs 10 crore for the work of Supply, Installation, Commissioning and five years Operation and Maintenance of Battery Operated Flow Meters with the provision of transmitting data through GPRS System at Waste Water Treatment Plant for primary auditing of water.

To address the problem of sewer overflow in the unauthorised colonies, DJB has approved the laying of a peripheral sewer line with micro tunnelling along the Main Tigri Road up to Dakshin Puri SPS. Currently, Dakshin Puri SPS is running far below the designed capacity and will be capable to pump the increased sewage to Okhla WWTP where treatment capacity is available. The completion of the undersigned work over a period of eight months will lead to the abatement of pollution in River Yamuna. The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 16.55 crore and will benefit around 3 lac people.

To improve facilities for consumers and strengthen DJB’s relationship with its consumer, the Board has approved five new Consumer Facilitation Centres at Mukherjee Nagar in North Delhi, Rohini in North West, Mayur Vihar in East, Dwarka in South West and Lodhi Road in South Delhi at a total cost of Rs. 71crore.

In order to cut down on the water loss in the water distribution network, the Board has given approval for the work of replacement of 600 mm diameter old damaged M.S Water Main with 600 mm diameter  M.S. lined and coated pipes from Baba Colony More to Burari UGR near Transport Authority to prevent frequent leakages.

As a part of its employee welfare schemes, DJB has approved the engagement of 509 dependents of deceased employees on Temporary Muster Roll on compassionate grounds.

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