Delhi Govt statement on hon’ble LG declining approval to dedicated bus lanes proposal #DelhiGovernance

Delhi Govt statement on hon’ble LG declining approval to dedicated bus lanes proposal:

Delhi government informs the residents of the national capital with regret that the hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Delhi has declined to approve the proposal for dedicated bus lanes on Delhi roads and imposition of a fine of Rs 2,000 to the violators of this rule.

Following the demand of Delhi Traffic Police and consistent orders of the hon’ble Supreme Court of India over the years, the Delhi government had prepared this proposal and sent it to the hon’ble LG for approval.

The salient features of the proposal included – creation of dedicated bus lanes; it would be mandatory for buses to ply in these lanes and no obstruction would be allowed in these lanes (like parking of vehicles etc.,).

It was proposed that any violation of the above mentioned rules would attract a fine of Rs 2,000.

The hon’ble Supreme Court in its judgment on 1st December 1998 in MC Mehta Vs Union of India & others had ruled :“They will also ensure that wherever it exists, buses shall be confined to the bus lane and equally no other motorised vehicle is permitted to enter upon the bus lane. We direct the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, NDMC, PWD, Delhi Government and DDA, Union Government and the Delhi Cantt. Board to take steps to ensure that bus lanes are segregated and roads markings are provided on all such roads as may be directed by the police and transport authorities.”

Further, the hon’ble Delhi High Court in its judgment on 26th March 2007, in Court On Its Motion vs Union Of India (Uoi) And Others, had ruled :“Every driver of a vehicle is expected to drive and maintain ‘proper lane driving system’ on the roads. The buses should ply in the bus lane and should be parked at the bus-bays on the bus stands and wherever bus stands do not have proper bus-bays then they should be parked at the extreme left of the road and in a queue. Most of the roads are wide enough to maintain the lane system and the greatest offenders of this system are the buses and the two wheelers.”

It is unfortunate that the hon’ble LG of Delhi has declined approval to the proposal seeking enforcement of bus lanes and lane driving, stating that it is “ambigious.”

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