@ArvindKejriwal distributes enhanced compensation cheques of Rs 5 lakh each to the 2600 families of the victims of 1984 riots. Promises SIT soon. #DelhiGovernance

  • Chief Minister starts distributing enhanced compensation cheques of Rs 5 lakh each to the 2600 families of the victims of 1984 riots. 

Cheques handed over to 1332 affected families on Sunday itself.

  • Delhi Government is fully empowered to constitute SIT under CrPC – Legal Luminary Shri HS Phoolka says.
  • Chief Minister says he will look into the SIT aspect, if he finds that his Government is competent/ empowered to set up the same for awarding speedy justice to the affected families, it will be explored. 
  • Compensation & Justice are two different aspects of the 1984 massacre and both have to be ensured to the victims- Chief Minister.
  • @ArvindKejriwal & @msisodia pay homage to the victims of 1984 riots at Tilak Vihar, Delhi.

New Delhi: 1/11/2015

         Chief Minister of Delhi @ArvindKejriwal today appealed to the people to create the atmosphere of peace, brotherhood & harmony in the society and discard the communal hatred in the society in order to save our long cherished Indian civilization of leaving with peace co-existence & togetherness.

@ArvindKejriwal was addressing a mammoth gathering after distributing the enhanced compensation of Rs 5 lakh each, to the families affected in 1984 riots, at a function organized at Tilak Vihar, Delhi.

@ArvindKejriwal & Dy. Chief Minister @msisodia gave away the cheque of Rs 5 lakh each to Jaspal Kuar, Janam Kaur, Servan Singh, Jesvir Kaur, Kulvinder Kaur, Satwant Singh, Darshan Kaur, Jaspal Singh & Jehangir Kaur.

Receiving the cheque and with tears in her eyes,  Jasvir Kaur murmured to @ArvindKejriwal “Thank you Beta.” The cheques of Rs 5 lakh each will be disbursed to 2600 effected families within a week through respective District magistrate offices.

Of these, 1332 cheques to families of riots victims were handed over on Sunday itself after completion of the due verification process.   

Paying homage to the victims of 1984 riots @ArvindKejriwal said that the massacre of 1984 is a blot in the name of the country in front of the world.  He said it is very sad to note that though every political party has shown its concern for these riots but even after 31 years of the said happening of massacre, no culprit has been punished and no justice has been done to affected families.

Shri Kejriwal said that had the culprits of 1984 massacre been punished in time, then the riots of Gujarat, and recently incidents like Dadri could not have happened.

Chief Minister said that the peace & tranquility in the society is being disturbed and an atmosphere of communal hatred is being prepared & spread by the divisive forces which have become a cause of concern to every Indian.

@ArvindKejriwal said that even His Excellency the President had to appeal the people to save the diversity of the country. The Chief Minister said that he will see that whether his Government is competent or empowered to set up the SIT if yes, he will certainly constitute the SIT for awarding immediate justice of 1984 riots.

Deputy Chief Minister @msisodia expressing his concern over the mounting tension in rising communal hatred, said that 1984 riots were a stain in the Indian history which cannot be erased merely by disbursing the compensation but we have to put over heads together to think for making an end to this type of mentality.

He said that before independence Jalianwalan Bagh massacre happened, which was creation of General Dyer who shot thousands of innocent people.  After independence, 1984 riots happened wherein thousands of Sikh families were destroyed & devastated. Both these incidents of massacre shocked the country.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that the all Indians will have to change their mentality & thought process & should take pledge that no such heinous happening should be repeated.

Chief Secretary Shri KK Sharma assured the affected families that the office of the Divisional Commissioner & all District Magistrate of 09 Districts have been asked to make special arrangement in their respective offices to disburse the enhance compensation money to all the effected families without any hurdle & delay.

Concerned officials had begun the verification process of victims families last week and on Sunday eight counters were set-up for distribution of cheques to those families whose verification process was complete, and also for submission of fresh applications and for help with regards to understanding the process for being eligible for the compensation scheme.

Noted Legal Luminary Shri HS Phoolka quoted legal provisions of the Constitution and said the Delhi Government is fully empowered to constitute the SIT for probing the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.             




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