Delhi govt. asks the 3 municipal corporations to explain the irregularities in their finances #DelhiGovernance

Mayors of the three Municipal Corporations of Delhi owe an answer to the people of Delhi on where have the funds provided to them by the Delhi government for payment of salaries of MCD employees disappeared ?

It is extremely shocking that despite the Delhi government having provided the three MCDs all the funds meant for payment of salaries before time, salaries have not been paid to the employees.

It is an admitted fact that the three corporations are in a state of financial and functional collapse, and they are not able to either provide their statement of accounts or utilization certificates for funds provided by the Delhi government.

The three corporations have themselves admitted having received Rs.892.92 crore for North MCD, Rs.465.53 crore for East MCD and Rs 668 crore for South MCD, under the non-planned head for the current financial year, which will come to an end on 31 March .

It is clear that 90% of the non-planned allocation is for payment of salaries, then the basic question is why the MCD employees have not been paid their salaries ?

Why are the MCD mayors scared of getting the accounts audited ? Why are they not revealing how much income they have generated from the sources of income under their control ?

Further, the outstanding loan amount of the three corporations, which they owe to the Delhi government is around Rs 6,000 crore. Delhi government has made it known that given the financial condition of the three corporations, it will not seek any repayment or part payment of this outstanding loan amount till further orders.

Can the three MCDs say whether any government in the past had put a moratorium on the money which should have been returned to it long back ?

This is not all, the Delhi government has also decided not to seek any interest on the loan till further orders.

It is shameful that the political leadership of MCDs is misleading its own employees by not telling them the truth.

There is no doubt that the three MCDs have been turned into organizations of shame by their leadership.

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