Delhi Govt. makes pension scheme more secure by blocking leakages #DelhiGovernance

New Delhi: 15/7/2016




Leakages blocked, Real Beneficiaries to get Relief


Delhi Government is extremely sensitive towards the senior citizens of Delhi and their rights particularly their pensions.

It has, however  been noticed by the Department of Social Welfare that some people have been making false claims on pensions by producing inaccurate information about their Aadhar cards, residence proof, proof of income, etc.

In some cases, people are drawing pension from the MCD as well as the Delhi government,  which is clearly a crime.

The Department is working tirelessly to help senior citizens in getting their due.  It is identifying on a war footing those elements who are using incorrect information to claim pension.

The Department has warned that if any information is found to be incorrect, the pension of the beneficiary will be cancelled and legal action will be taken. Going forward, the Department has urged the pensioners who may have submitted inaccurate documents to immediately contact the nearest pension office and submit the required genuine documents or the Aadhar number to stake claims to their pension.

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