MCD makes tourism activities impossible at Naini Lake. Here’s why! #ThisWeekInAAP

Delhi Cabinet Minister Kapil Mishra’s statement to the North Delhi MCD’s Mayor on Why It is Impossible to Run Tourism Activities at Naini Lake

There had been a concerted citizens’ campaign by students, young children, youth and citizens from every demographic on the poor state of the Naini Lake. There were complaints of dead fish and smelly water as well as contamination. Thousands of students sent postcards to me to resolve the issue.

We reached out to the North Delhi MCD’s Mayor to clean the lake. For 3 decades the Naini Lake has been with the MCD and it has reached its shabby state because of this complete lack of focus. We made the offer that Delhi Government would bear all expenses of the project, execute the cleaning of the lake and also share revenue from the tourism activities that are conducted by Delhi Tourism. We did this because we thought it was good for the city, even though it was not part of our administrative responsibility.

For over 2 months, the North MCD has not acted on our request to completely overhaul the place. The place remains dirty. The standing committee approval of the MCD has not come. Our team with members from PWD, Irrigation and Flood Control and the Delhi Jal Board is  on standby to complete this work on war footing. But the approval never seems to come.

However, there seems to be a complete lack of focus on the side of the MCD. The bad state of the river and its poor maintenance as well as horrible infrastructure, along with zero interest from MCD to clean and rejuvenate the river, Delhi Tourism will have to step back from its work to do tourism activities on the Naini Lake.

Finally, there are reports that this space will also be commercialised by the corrupt MCD and that too without cleaning it. I beseech them to have some shame and not commercialise one of the most beautiful water bodies of Delhi.

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