Delhi Govt. proactively kills rumours of salt shortage through surprise checks at shops, godowns and helpline activation.

New Delhi 12/11/2016

Delhi Govt assures people there is no shortage of salt

  • People should not pay any heed to baseless rumours
  • Complaints of overcharging should be reported at 011 23370841

Food and Civil Supplies Minister Mr Imran Hussain on Saturday assured the residents of Delhi there is no shortage of salt in the city and public should not pay any attention to rumours in this regard.

In view of the rumours of shortage of salt in Delhi, the minister convened emergency meetings on Friday night and Saturday morning with Commissioner (Food & Supplies & Weight & Measures) and other senior officers of the Department, since it was reported that Delhi region is facing acute shortage of salt and shopkeepers were selling it at higher prices.

Taking cognizance of the rumours, Mr Hussain alongwith officers of the Department conducted surprise inspections in the walled city area during late hours on Friday, and no such incident of over-charging was noticed during inspections.

The shopkeepers informed that they have sufficient quantities of salt with them and can be replenished any time.

The teams of Weights and Measures Department also visited different areas covering almost entire Delhi in the early morning to check out the sale prices of the milk on the direction of the Minister.  No incident of over-charging by any of the shop keepers selling packaged milk was reported by any team.

Mr Hussain issued directions to the Commissioner (Food & Supplies) to constitute teams comprising of F&S and W&M Department to check the sale of salt by the shop keepers on the price above the MRP and to prosecute the defaulters on the spot.

The teams have been constituted by the Commissioner (F&S) and have been directed to be present in the area to check selling of salt above than MRP and to report such incidents to the senior officers immediately.

A control Room with Telephone No. 011 23370841 has been activated in F&S Department to monitor complaints regarding over-charging above the MRP. The control Room will function from 08:00AM to 10:00 PM.

Mr Imran Hussain  has advised the public not to believe any rumours and assured that sufficient quantity  of  salt is available in Delhi.

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