Water jets, horticulture, road repair + 15 mechanized sweepers: Delhi Govt. fights dust pollution

Dated : 09/11/2016

Ongoing Dust control measures of PWD to combat air pollution in Delhi

Following directions from Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal last week, the PWD launched massive dust control operations to combat air pollution. The details of the ongoing operations are as follows:

  • To control dust pollution footpaths, kerbs and central verges are being washed using water jets through tankers.  For this purpose 54 tankers as on  09-11-2016 (Wednesday) have been deployed on arterial roads.  Presently as per the traffic restriction these tankers are deployed between 11.00 AM to 04.00 PM only and each tankers on and average can make two trips only.  Joint Commissioner (Traffic), Delhi Police has been requested on 09-11-2016 for relaxation of traffic norms for operation of tankers. The details of manpower, tankers and maintenance van deployed on different dates are as below:
Date Manpower Water Tanks Maintenance Van
06-11-2016 720 18 90
07-11-2016 952 44 112
08-11-2016 1094 57 116
09-11-2016 1045 54 115


  • Pace of Horticulture activity has been improved.  Bald patches at green spaces on central verges and footpaths are unable to hold top soil which contributes to air pollution.  These are being repaired.
  • In the interim period to control the dust pollution on roads, PWD has also undertaken the task of sweeping and cleaning of dust and removal of malba along central verges, kerbs and footpaths.   Broken footpaths, kerbs, central verges and road surfaces also add to air pollution as loose particles increase abrasive action thereby resulting in generation of dust.  Therefore these road elements are being repaired and maintained.  Adequate number of manpower and materials have been deployed for these purposes.
  • Further, tenders for 15 fresh mechanised sweepers has been invited which is due to be received on 11-11-2016 (Friday) and the vacuum sweeping of roads will start immediately thereafter.   Initially vacuum sweeping will be started with a frequency of once a week on all PWD arterial road having ROW 100 feet and above and later on for other PWD Roads in phased manner.



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