Delhi Vidhan Sabha demands SC probe and highlevel inquiry on Birla/Sahara papers from @RashtrapatiBhavn.

  • Full text of the Resolution moved by Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister and passed by the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi


15 November, 2016


The Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi having its sitting in Delhi on 15 November, 2016:


Noting with anger and anguish that the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India has delivered a huge blow to the common people and economy of Indian through his address to the nation on 08 November, 2016 at 8 pm,


Condemning the way in which the decision to implement the devastating and mysterious demonetization scheme was taken in a most non-transparent and undemocratic manner,


Expressing shock over the way in which the Government of India sought to impose upon the nation its ill-conceived, unscientific and draconian scheme which has turned crores and crores of honest Indians into helpless victims,


Denouncing the stubbornness being displayed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister in going ahead with implementation of the scheme in a most insensitive manner knowing fully well that he has unleashed untold misery in the lives of honest and hardworking Indians,


Censuring the political leadership of the Government of India for perpetuating rank incompetence – in spite of 10 month long preparation as was claimed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister – leading to lethal consequences for the economy and honest people of the country,


Deploring the Hon’ble Prime Minister for punishing the common people of India instead of fulfilling his promise of bringing back black money lodged in foreign banks,


Condoling the loss of lives of honest Indians while struggling for hours together in unending queues to get back just a few hundred rupees of their own hard earned money through banks and ATMs,

-: 2 :-


Warning the Prime Minister not to insult the common people standing in serpentine queues at Banks and ATMs by calling them corrupt,


Sympathising with all those innocent Indians who have been going through most agonizing times for no fault of theirs,


Sharing the sorrow of mothers who are unable to feed their children,


Grieving with those who lost their near and dear ones due to refusal of treatment by hospitals on account of valid legal tender suddenly being declared invalid by Hon’ble Prime Minister,


Resolves to urge upon Hon’ble President of India 


to direct the Government of India to withdraw at once the draconian demonetization scheme,


to take necessary steps to institute a high-level probe to be monitored by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to look into the allegations that the scheme is a fraud on the nation and that it has been launched to benefit a particular political party through its agents in black money market


and to refer the allegations of receipt of bribes by persons holding high offices from Birla and Sahara Groups to Hon’ble Supreme Court of India with the request to order suitable inquiry.


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