Delhi Govt. publishes 40-day PM data; opens up air quality data to public

New Delhi : 10/12/2016


Delhi govt assesses the prevailing air quality situation in the national capital

  • According to IMD foggy weather conditions likely to continue in North India
  • No major variation witnessed in air quality in recent days
  • DPCC releases PM 2.5 & PM 10 data of last 40 days


Environment Minister Mr Imran Hussain on Saturday assessed the current ambient air quality of Delhi and the status of air pollution in a meeting with senior officials of the department and the Delhi Pollution Control Committee

Delhi is currently witnessing a foggy season along with entire North India and the Indian Metrological Department (IMD) has predicted that the fog will continue for next few days.  The foggy situation develops a public perception of polluted conditions, so it is necessary to state the actual status of air pollution in Delhi and to differentiate between smog and fog.

Fog/ Mist are caused by water droplets in the air while haze is the reflection of sunlight due to concentration of pollutants in air.  Smog is what happens when pollution is caused due to low lying finer aerosol or Ozone.

The concentration of particulate is the major pollutant which controls the air quality in Delhi.  The analysis of the data generated by ambient air quality network of DPCC observed no major variation in last few days. Though the concentration exceeds the prescribed standard, but it is in the normal range observed in the last few years. (PLEASE FIND ATTACHED THE DETAILED CHART  OF LAST 40 DAYS)

The Minister stressed upon the requirement to keep vigil on all polluting activities to control all types of emissions.


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