Delhi Govt to set up energy management plant in Ghazipur to beat pollution & save Rs. 8 crores

Delhi Government proposes energy management plant in Ghazipur to beat pollution & save Rs 8 crore of taxpayers’ money

New Delhi: 22/12/2016

  • Plant to generate 1800 KW per hour electricity
  • Eco friendly waste management system based on technology from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre


To curb air pollution, the Delhi Government on Thursday proposed setting up of an energy plant in the Fish and poultry market at Ghazipur. This is a part of an action plan for the next year, following a high level meeting of the agriculture marketing board, secretaries of mandis  and Delhi Government officials. The Delhi Government will be floating a tender for allotting a contract for building this plant, soon.

The plant is proposed to be commissioned in an area of 15,00 sq meters within the Fish & Poultry Market, at Ghazipur. The capex cost of the plant is Rs. 3.33 Crore and the overall cost of the project  is Rs. 6.66 Crore.  “The project will save Rs 8 crore of the taxpayers’ money and will generate 1800 KW per hour electricity,” said Development Minister Mr. Gopal Rai. “The waste to energy management plant will convert approximately 10-15 metric tonne of waste into energy on daily basis.”

Currently 10 metric tonne waste is generated from the fish and poultry markets and is transported to Sanitary Landfill Site of MCD in Ghazipur. This has raised the risk of environmental hazards. In order to mitigate this problem, the department shortlisted technology to be adopted through Sector Experts including experts from IIT, DSIIDC, MCD.  The Nisarguna Technology based on biogas plant with bio-logical H2S removal system for  power generation unit was shortlisted for calling tenders.

Presently, the department is incurring an annual expenditure of Rs. 11.94 Cr. on all the operations which are proposed to be taken up by the agency. Approximately 1800 KW per hour electricity shall be supplied by the agency to run the market on which the department is incurring a cost of Rs. 58 lakh per annum. The entire project cost is expected to be recovered within 4-5 years.

The scope of work includes sweeping, scavenging, collection, segregation and transportation of 10 TPD Fish & Poultry waste from shop to shop. It also entails management and Operation of Waste to Power plant for treatment of Fish & Poultry Waste in  Ghazipur. Disposal of Fish, Poultry Solid Waste Management if generated from Waste to Power plant is also included. Approximately 150 Kgs of  residual manure shall be produced from treatment of  1 Ton waste and this  residual manure shall be removed.

There are 19 vendors who have this technology and a RFP document for call of tenders has been prepared and finalized in consultation with Sector Experts as well as Standing Committee of DAMB for installing waste to energy plant.

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