Decentralized decision making of Mohalla Sabhas meets Participatory Budgeting of Swaraj Fund!

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia inaugurates 8 libraries constructed under Swaraj Fund along with Water Minister Kapil Mishra
8 Libraries and Senior Citizen Centers launched in Karawal Nagar, which were development works decided by the Mohalla Sabha Pilot held in 2015-16
Delhi Government had conducted over 400 Mohalla Sabha meetings in 11 constituencies to ask, tabulate and execute works that the citizens of the Mohalla Sabha wanted and needed in their community
To execute this, Delhi Government has piloted the Swaraj Fund, under which all development works would be proposed and awarded by Mohalla Sabhas, for which Rs. 350 crore was allocated in 2015-16.
These 8 libraries are a landmark in Delhi Governance because the decision for these 8 libraries was not taken by bureaucrats, officers or politicians but by the people directly.

करावल नगर में मोहल्ला सभा के फंड से बने 8 पुस्तकालयों व वरिष्ठ नागरिक मनोरंजन केंद्र का उद् घाटन @msisodia & @KapilMishraAAP ने किया।

लाइब्रेरी के उद्घाटन में सैकड़ो लोगो का आना बदलाव की शुरुआत है। @msisodia

दिल्ली के सरकारी स्कूलों में बने 8,000 नये कमरों में 280 करावल नगर में बने हैं : @KapilMishraAAP

मोहल्ला सभा द्वारा एक साथ 8 लाइब्रेरी, हर वार्ड में 2 लाइब्रेरी कल से करावल नगर में शुरू हो जाएंगी। जनता जब decision लेती है तो कमाल होता है: @KapilMishraAAP

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