AAP conducts door-to-door meetings with citizens to understand their problems #बदलती_राजनीति

Date 19 March 2017
AAP MCD Campaign – Mass Contact Sunday
On 17 March, AAP National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal met and instructed all Delhi MLAs to embark on Door to Door throughout Delhi with MCD candidates.
Today on Sunday, 19 March, AAP MLAs throughout Delhi along with MCD candidates embarked on a Mass Contact Sunday.
They did Padyatras, Door to Door, met volunteers in small meetings, addressed corner meetings and in some cases inaugurated election offices.
While other parties are still struggling to finalises candidates, AAP has 248 candidates campaigning on the ground. Today, with the Mass Contact Sunday, AAP’s MCD election campaign has truly begun.
From today onward, MLAs and candidates will have such Mass Contact Activity is to be held every evening.
In the last 2 days, meetings have been held with Door To Door teams and candidates in which their performance was assessed and suggestions given. Similar assessments were held for Projector Shows that are playing Arvind Kejriwal’s message to the people of Delhi.Since the beginning of March, Aam Aadmi Party candidates and volunteers have already begun Door to Door to reach each and every one of Delhi’s 46 lakh households. This entire exercise is expected to be completed by the first week of April.
Attached Photos and Video of Deputy CM Manish Sisodia with  MCD candidates on Door to Door and Mass contact activity in his assembly constituency.

Env Min. @ImranHussaain meets Japanese Delegation to discuss solns for air pollution in Delhi

Delhi: 10/03/2017

Environment Minister, Government of Delhi, Mr. Imran Hussain, on Friday (March 10) met a Japanese delegation headed by Mr. Shigemoto Kajihara, Vice-Minister for Global Environmental Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Japan along-with Ms. Hiroko YOKOTA, Chief, Ministry of the Environment of Japan, Mr. Kosuke INOUE, Chief, Ministry of the Environment of Japan and Mr. Sho Miura, Environment Attaché, Embassy of Japan.


The meeting was also attended by senior officers of Environment Department and Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC). The purpose of meeting was to explore the possibility of cooperation from Japan Government in finding various ways and means to control air & water pollution and solid waste management.


The Japanese delegation informed that it has low cost technology to effectively control and treat waste water in rural/ sparsely inhabited areas.  It was informed that the technology called ‘Johkasou’ is capable of treating both night soil (black water) and domestic waste water (grey water) having quick installation, requiring compact space and discharging treated water suitable for contributing to sound water cycles and maintaining consistent review flow volume. This technology works on decentralised waste water treatment capable of being adopted/ implemented in isolated clusters.


While appreciating the technology proposed by the Japanese delegation, Minister Mr. Hussain informed the delegation about the heavy population density of Delhi and its own characteristics of being land-locked, having only one river, surrounded by satellite towns housing high rise buildings in place of green cover, typical weather conditions dependent upon the winds speed and direction etc.  It was informed that because of such typical conditions affecting air pollution, Delhi Govt. is looking for solutions to effectively control air pollution, which is of primary concern.


Mr. Hussain asked the delegation to suggest effective ways and technologies for combating air pollution in Delhi, keeping in view the typical weather and demographic conditions of the city. As far as Jokasou technology was concerned, the delegation was asked to approach Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) and Delhi Jal Board (DJB) for considering the feasibility of adoption of such technology.


The Minister opined that Delhi can immensely benefit from the expertise and experience of Japan and its technology and expressed the hope of fruitful cooperation in this regard in future.

.@ImranHussaain orders crackdown on overcharging of packaged eatables at Cinema Halls

Delhi: 09/03/2017


Delhi govt begins crackdown on overcharging of packaged eatables in Cinema halls/Multiplexes

Following directions from Food and Civil Supplies Minister Mr Imran Hussain, teams of Weights and Measures Department carried out surprise inspections at establishments (Cinema Halls/Multiplexes) allegedly charging exorbitant prices in violation of Packaged Commodity Rules (PCR) on packaged eatables/drinks and initiated action in atleast 12 cases.

This important issue concerning consumers rights was raised during the ongoing Delhi Vidhan Sabha session on Tuesday and immediately Mr Hussian ordered inspections to be carried out on Wednesday.

Many MLAs had pointed various Cinema Halls and Multiplexes are charging customers/cinema-goers in excess of Maximum Retail Price (MRP) printed on the various packaged products such as Biscuits, Pop-corn, Aerated Bottled Water, Chips, snacks etc.

Overcharging means a consumer is charged more than the MRP.  For the offence, the retailer is prosecuted under section 52, of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and the Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011, which has a penalty (compounding fees) of up to Rs. 2,000.  If the offender refuses to pay compounding fees, he is prosecuted in the court, which attracts a penalty of up to Rs. 25,000/-

Department of Weights & Measures, also called Legal Metrology Department ensures compliance of Packaged Commodity Rules which includes mandatory declarations on the packaged commodities i.e. the name and address of the manufacturer / packer / importer, the common name of the product in the package, the net quantity, month and year of manufacturing or pre-packing, MRP (inclusive of all taxes) and name, address, telephone number of the person who can be contacted by the consumer in case of a complaint.

Department takes punitive action against the violators of Packaged Commodity Rules.

The Minister had earlier directed resolution of the issue of “Dual MRP”, which refers to pricing of a product differentially viz. Mineral Water Bottle at retail shops, cinema halls, hotels, establishments, stadiums, Malls etc.

Department officers informed that matter is being taken up with various establishments and stakeholders and that the matter is likely to be resolved soon.

In pursuance of the latest directions from the Minister, the Department despatched teams to various Cinema Halls/Cineplexes on Wednesday (8th March), to check the instances of over pricing and to take necessary action as per law.

During these inspections, premises in and around 14 Cinema Halls/ cineplexes spread all over Delhi were visited, some inspections were also carried out at restaurants/eateries. (The Department is withholding the names of establishments since proceedings are going on)

During these inspections, prosecutions were booked for Dual MRP on water bottles, soft drinks, against two restro bars for overcharging on catch water bottles.  Department informed that it has initiated action as per law against the defaulters.

Weights & Measures Department also informed that it undertook 321 inspections and booked 223 cases in the month of February, 2017 for necessary action as per law against the units found indulging in violation of Packaged Commodity Rules.

The Department will carry out similar inspections at other Cinema halls/Cineplexes and other establishments to ensure that norms of Packaged Commodity Rules are strictly followed so that consumers are not duped by unscrupulous by the shop-keepers/manufacturers/dealers.

Delhi Govt. tables Economic Survey of Delhi (2016-17) in @DelhiAssembly

Delhi: 07/03/2017

·        Highlights of Economic Survey of Delhi 2016-17

The Minister of PWD, Health and Power, Shri Satyendar Jain presented the Economic Survey of Delhi for year 2016-17 on behalf of Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister of Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Shri Manish Sisodia today in the ongoing Budget session of Delhi Legislative Assembly today.

The main highlights of Economic Survey are enclosed.


Highlights (English) of Economic Survey of Delhi 2016-17Highlights (Hindi) of Economic Survey of Delhi 2016-17

Hon’ble @LtGovDelhi delivers budget speech at @DelhiAssembly for the 2017-18 Budget Session

New Delhi : 06/3/2017

Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Delhi, Shri Anil Baijal was received and welcomed by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal on his arrival at Delhi Legislative Assembly Secretariat on the occasion of commencement of Budget Session of Delhi. Hon’ble Speaker of Delhi Legislative Assembly, Shri Ram Niwas Goel is also seen in the picture.


Later on Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Hon’ble Chief Minister and Hon’ble Speaker are seen proceeding to the Delhi Assembly Hall in the form of the ceremonial procession, for addressing the Assembly in the picture.


Thereafter Hon’ble Lt. Governor is seen addressing the members of the Legislative Assembly and delivering his Budget Speech in the picture.


The Budget speech of Hon’ble Lt. Governor is enclosed.



LG Speech in English

Hon’ble @LtGovDelhi delivers inaugural budget speech at @DelhiAssembly

New Delhi : 06/3/2017

Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Delhi, Shri Anil Baijal was received and welcomed by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal on his arrival at Delhi Legislative Assembly Secretariat on the occasion of commencement of Budget Session of Delhi. Hon’ble Speaker of Delhi Legislative Assembly, Shri Ram Niwas Goel is also seen in the picture.


Later on Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Hon’ble Chief Minister and Hon’ble Speaker are seen proceeding to the Delhi Assembly Hall in the form of the ceremonial procession, for addressing the Assembly in the picture.


Thereafter Hon’ble Lt. Governor is seen addressing the members of the Legislative Assembly and delivering his Budget Speech in the picture.


The Budget speech of Hon’ble Lt. Governor is enclosed.

DSC_5788DSC_5739LG Speech in English

Dy CM @msisodia urges @arunjaitley to include Real Estate within the ambit of GST.

NEW DELHI: 04/03/2017

Deputy CM letter to Union Finance Minister on omission of Real Estate from GST

Please find attached a copy of the letter written by Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Mr Manish Sisodia to Union Finance Minister Mr Arun Jaitley.

In his detailed letter, while praising Mr Jaitley for piloting the GST negotiations successfully and leading the country to the biggest tax reform in recent years, Mr Sisodia has drawn the union Finance Minister’s attention towards the important omission of Real Estate sector from the ambit of GST.

Mr Sisodia has pointed out that by keeping Real Estate out of GST, the fight against black money would be weakened.

Deputy Chief Minister has referred to the recent article by the Central Government’s Chief Economic Advisor Mr Arvind Subramanian on the issue.

Mr Subramanian has given details of possible losses by keeping Real Estate out of GST ambit.

Supporting points raised by Mr Subramanian, the Deputy Chief Minister has stated that land and property transactions can be made more transparent by including Real Estate in GST.



Delhi Govt. moves to grade wise learning outcomes instead of merely completing the syllabus

New Delhi : 03/3/2017

Delhi govt sets the target for grade wise learning outcomes 

Deputy Chief Minister Mr Manish Sisodia on Friday chaired the meeting to discuss the draft grade wise Learning Outcomes prepared by NCERT for classes 1-8. The meeting was attended by Secretary Education, Director Education, Director SCERT and other senior officials of the Directorate of Education.

Mr Sisodia reiterated that from the academic year 2017-18 onwards, instead of merely completing the syllabus, the focus should be on attaining the grade wise learning outcomes. He also pointed out that the outcome indicators should be self explanatory for the teachers so that she can track the progress of her students on a regular basis and is able to not only take corrective actions but also being able to communicate about the same to the parents of the students.


It was decided that SCERT, being the academic authority of the NCT of Delhi for the purpose of Section 29 of the RTE Act, would prepare the grade wise learning outcomes by adopting/adapting the NCERT’s draft in the context of Delhi. Further, the Directorate of Education would invite the teachers union like GSTA, DASTAN, DASS, Teachers Union of Municipal Corporations, Aided Schools Teachers Associations and Private Unaided Teachers Associations to give their written inputs on the NCERT’s draft in the context of Delhi and how to ensure that it is actually attained.

SCERT would also conduct training of all Directorate of Education’s teachers of Std 1-8 by June 2017 to strengthen their pedagogical skills in order to improve learning of children in these classes.

Besides, an Assessment Unit would be set up under the Directorate of Education with the mandate of developing the assessment tools and supervising its administration to measure the learning outcomes across schools. This Unit will help the department in understanding the learning issues empirically and in designing future training or other support strategies.

AAP Govt. creates history with unprecedented minimum wages hike! Pro-people governance :)

New Delhi : 03/3/2017

Delhi creates history as all decks are cleared to hike minimum wages in the Capital


  • Approximately 50 lakh families to benefit
  • Minimum wage hike after 22 years
  • Hike to be implemented from March 6, 2017


Delhi has become the first government in the country to give the highest hike in minimum wages, following ratification of the cabinet decision by the hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Mr Anil Baijal on Friday.

The announcement was made by the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal along with labour Minister Mr Gopal Rai.

“This is a first-of-its-kind move in 22 years. Unlike the trickledown theory of economics which has failed miserably, the raise is the first step towards making life easy for the poor,” the Chief Minister said.




  1. The last revision of minimum rates of wages was carried out in the year 1994 i.e. about 22 years back.


  1. Since 1994 till date only Dearness Allowance (D.A.) has been notified/ increased from time to time i.e. twice in a year i.e. April and October. Increase in D.A. is based on rise/ fall in the Consumer Price Index Number. There has been a constant demand for wage revision from Trade Unions and workers.


  1. Section 3 (b) of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 provides that Government to revise Minimum wages on interval of every five years.


  1. Section 5 of Minimum Wages Act, 1948 provides statutory mechanism by way of constituting committee for examining the issue of revision of minimum rates of wages for workers.


  1. Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor approved the constitution of minimum wages advisory committee comprising of employers representatives, workers representatives and Govt. representatives which was notified on 15.09.2016.


  1. The said committee convened nine meetings and the last meeting was convened on 15.02.2017. The committee adopted scientific way of revision of minimum wages as enumerated/ laid down by I.L.C. 1957, reptakos judgment in the year 1991, food calorie values as prescribed by National Nutrition Institution, Hyderabad, a body constituted under Indian Council for Medical Research.


  1. For consistency of food items, rates from Kendriya Bhandar for food items and rates from Khadi Gram Udyog for clothing components were adopted.


  1. Two teams (Team-A and Team-B) among the committee members were constituted to carry out market survey for food items, calculations of minimum wages were submitted by employers and workmen representatives separately.


  1. There were huge differences in calculations of both the parties whereas the employers calculated Rs. 8,525/- P.S. for un-skilled category and Trade Unions calculated Rs. 16,200/- P.M. for un-skilled category and therefore, Labour Department worked out the calculations by adopting parameters as laid down by I.L.C. 1957 and reptakos judgment given by Hon’ble Supreme Court in the year 1991. The rates of food items were taken from Kendriya Bhandar.


  1. The fundamental components for wage fixation are:-
  2. Food
  3. Clothing
  4. Housing
  5. Light and Fuel
  6. Education


  1. 2731 calories have been prescribed by NIN-Hyderabad for an adult worker to perform moderate activity. 7thPay Commission has also laid down 2700 calories per day for a workman to perform moderate activity.


  1. Based on above scientific formula, following increase rates of minimum wages were calculated:


  1. Un-Skilled             – Rs. 13,350/- PM/Rs. 513/- P.D.
  2. Semi-Skilled           – Rs. 14,698/- P.M./Rs. 565/- P.D.
  3. Skilled                         – Rs. 16,182/- P.M./Rs. 622/- P.D.
  4. Graduates & above- Rs. 17,604/- P.M./ Rs. 677/- P.D.

(8.79% of skilled wages)


  1. Above calculations were put to voting among the committee members and the same was passed by six members of the committee out of nine members who were present in the meeting and therefore, it was passed by majority.


  1. D.A. neutralization shall be same as in the past i.e.


Rs. 1.35 per point for un-skilled category.

Rs. 1.50 per point for semi-skilled category.

Rs. 1.65 per point for skilled category.

Rs. 1.80 per point for graduates and above.


  1. Next instalment of D.A. falls due w.e.f. 01.04.2017    followed by second instalment w.e.f. 01.10.2017.
  2. These recommendations of the Minimum Wage Advisory Committee was approved by the Cabinet Decision No-2466 dated 25.02.2017 and same were approved by Hon’ble Lt. Governor being the Competent Authority on 02.03.2017.
  3. Three months time period is proposed to be given for creating awareness and sensitization among employers by way of publicity in electronic and print media and thereafter they shall be submitting online statutory returns under various labour laws including Minimum Wages Act, 1948, these returns shall be scrutinized and examined by the department and thereafter, a comprehensive complaint based inspection shall be carried out in a mission mode, challans/ prosecutions shall be filed against defaulting employers, if any.