Delhi government Mega PTM organised in all schools; parents throng schools in large numbers


New Delhi: 01/09/2017

Delhi government successfully organised this year’s first Mega Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) on Friday in all its 1041 schools.

After introducing the concept in government schools the last year, Mega PTMs have assumed an important platform for interaction between teachers and parents in Delhi’s government schools. The turnout of parents and children in today’s PTMs across the city was very encouraging.

Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia visited several government schools in Hari Nagar and Shakti Nagar to interact with parents, children and teachers.

After his interactions, he said “It is evident that the parent teacher engagement which the government aimed to institutionalise through Mega PTMs has been achieved. We are happy that this exercise, which used to be limited to big private schools, has now become an integral part of the culture of government schools. I congratulate all Principals and teachers for making this Mega PTM a success.”

Delhi government Mega PTMs have attained a special importance in Delhi. The government makes an effort to reach out to parents of children in government schools through FM radio and newspaper ads, in which the Education Minister himself invites parents to schools. Schools are directed to warmly welcome all parents, by offering them refreshments. In today’s PTM as well, the festive atmosphere was on display, with school gates decorated and welcome parties of school children placed at school lobbies, to welcome parents into the school.

Mega PTMs have had a tremendous social impact in Delhi. Parents of children studying in government schools now feel a sense of pride that their schools are comparable to expensive private schools. Parents can also freely enter schools to meet and interact with teachers. The Delhi government is committed to transforming government schools, in order to ensure access to quality education to every child in Delhi.


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