Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal approves Cabinet proposal to delink Aadhar for receiving old age, disability and widow pensions; benefits for want of Aadhaar or failure of Aadhaar authentication cannot be denied #AAPatWork #DelhiGovernance

Cabinet approves delinking social welfare pension schemes from Aadhar

The Delhi Cabinet in its meeting on Tuesday chaired by the Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal approved the Social Welfare Department’s proposal to delink Aadhar and Aadhar linked bank account for receiving the old age, disability and widows pensions provided by the Delhi government.

The Department will remit at old rates, all pensions stopped due to lack of Aadhaar. Further, enhanced pension will be remitted with effect from April 2018, to all beneficiaries who are getting pension on old rates so that beneficiaries are not penalized for system related reasons.

The Department is responsible implementing Old Age Assistance, commonly known as Old Age Pension for senior citizens of Delhi. This assistance is available to all senior citizens who are residents of Delhi for at least five years and having family income of Rs. 1,00,000/- or less per annum.

Currently, the quantum of assistance is Rs. 2,000/- per month to beneficiaries between 60-69 year and Rs. 2500/- per month to beneficiaries 70 years and above. However, an additional Rs. 500/- per month is given to beneficiaries between 60-69 years belonging to SC/ST/minority categories. Department has remitted assistance to 4.18 lakh beneficiaries for April-2018.

The Department is also implementing financial Assistance Scheme for Persons with Special Needs, commonly known as Disability Pension. As per current scheme norms, this assistance is available to all persons with disability between 0-60 years who are residents of Delhi for at least five years and having family income of Rs. 1,00,000/- or less per annum. Currently, the quantum of assistance is Rs. 2500/- per month. Department has remitted assistance to 77,542 beneficiaries for April-May 2018.

While it was decided by the Cabinet in 2016 not to insist upon Aadhaar for remittance of pension, the enhanced pension was mandated to be given only to Aadhaar seeded accounts. Therefore, a total of 33,191 Old Age Pension beneficiaries and 9,799 Disability Pension beneficiaries are unable to take benefit of enhanced pension for no fault of theirs, merely because of systemic issues of the banks and /or Department.

Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act, 2016 clearly stipulates that in no case beneficiary be denied benefit for want of Aadhaar or failure of Aadhaar authentication. It further stipulates that such individuals should be offered alternate and viable mean of identification and Departments using Aadhaar as identifier for delivery of service/ benefits to necessarily have and exception handling mechanism.

The Department has received another circular from UIDAI that beneficiaries are not to be denied the benefit, subsidy or service due to not having Aadhaar, failure of authentication or any other extraneous circumstances. UIDAI has further suggested following exception handling mechanism to ensure seamless delivery of subsidy, benefit or service to the beneficiary-

a.         Till the time Aadhaar is assigned to a beneficiary, he/she shall be provided subsidy, benefit or service based on alternate identification document as notified by the Department.”

b.         In case of failure of Biometric authentication due to network/connectivity issue or due to poor biometric of resident etc., he/she shall be provided subsidy, benefit or service based on possession of Aadhaar by him/her as provided in Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act, 2016 and the notification.”

c.         The State Governments/implementing Agency should also make special arrangements for bed ridden senior residents to get them verified/authenticated including but not limited to sending a village level worker to their home for this purpose.”

 Given the above situation, it has decided to remit all pensions stopped due to lack of Aadhaar.  

Delhi Government agencies intensify drives to check open burning menace to check air pollution #2015 #AAPatWork #DelhiGovernance

Agencies directed to intensify drives to check open burning menace to check air pollution

                                                                                                                                                                     Dated : 4/11/2015

Environment Minister Mr Imran Hussain on Wednesday convened a meeting of stakeholder Departments/ Agencies authorised by the Hon’ble National Green Tribunal (NGT) for levying compensation for burning of leaves, garbage, plastic, rubber etc. in open.

The meeting was attended by the senior Officers of Municipal Corporations, NDMC, Delhi Cantt. Board, SDMs and Tehsildars as well as Officers of Environment Department of Delhi government.

In the meeting, the Minister reviewed the action taken by the Municipal Corporations/ Bodies as well as SDMs and Tehsildars. It was informed by the Municipal Corporations/ Bodies that they have sensitised the officials, mallis etc., about the banning of burning of leaves, garbage, plastic etc., by Hon’ble NGT and regarding their responsibility for taking action against the violators.

Municipal Corporations/ Bodies informed that they have prominently displayed the Notice Board in the parks under their respective control informing the public about the prohibition of burning in open.  These Agencies also informed that important numbers have been placed on the website for enabling the public to lodge complaint about the instances of burning in the open.

Corporations informed that challans for imposition of compensation have been issued and appropriate fine has also been collected from the violators.

SDMs and Tehsildars were also briefed and sensitised about the delegation of powers conferred to them for levy of compensation from the violators found indulged in burning of material in open.

The Minister specifically directed them to increase the vigil in their respective areas especially at odd hours.

All the Agencies were directed to increase inspections in the coming days as the pollution levels are likely to increase on the eve of Diwali as well as burning of agriculture residue in the neighbouring States.

Mr Imran Hussain directed all the concerned Agencies to send the reports of inspections done, challan issued, compensation levied and collected etc., to Environment Department at regular intervals.

The Minister emphasised the need to take action against the violators in order to reduce air pollution by all the concerned agencies and further informed that a review meeting will be taken by him in fortnight time.


Continuing with the SAY NO TO FIRE CRACKERS campaign, Environment Minister Mr Imran Hussain on Wednesday flagged it off at Bal Bhavan Public School, Mayur Vihar   Phase-II.

More than 1,500 students took part in the rally and pledged that they will not only stay away from fire crackers themselves, but they will also spread the message of not bursting fire crackers in their neighbourhoods too.

Delhi Government is promoting the campaign so that young and budding citizens of Delhi could imbibe the message about harmful effects of bursting of fire crackers.

The progamme was also attended by the senior officers of Environment Department of Delhi Government.

Delhi’s Bill Banao Inaam Pao scheme furthers implementation of DVAT act and reduces kachcha bill creation across the city #DelhiGovernance #AAPatWork

  • Deputy Chief Minister launches “BILL BANVAO INAAM PAO App” for increasing VAT collection.
  • The Unique Scheme of “BILL BANVAO INAAM PAO” also gives opportunity for getting prizes through draw of lots.
  • ‘BILL BANVAO INAAM PAO’ App empowers citizens to become partner in the governance for strengthening the democracy- Shri Manish Sisodia.
  • The Government will strictly implement the law of DVAT Act, 2004 for tax collection & increase in revenue for the development of the Delhi – Chief Secretary, Shri K.K. Sharma.
  • The scheme shall stop practice of issuance of katcha bill by the shopkeepers- Shri SS Yadav.

Dated : 18/1/2016

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Shri Manish Sisodia today launched the unique scheme of “Bill Banvao Inaam Pao App”  by which the people of Delhi can upload the invoice issued within seven days by his mobile and can participate in the draw of lots giving them the opportunity of getting prize five times of the bill amount on which tax has been paid subject to maximum of Rs.50,000/-.  The function was organized by the Trade & Tax Department at Delhi Secretariat wherein the Parliamentary Secretary to Finance Minister Shri Shiv Charan Goyal, Chief Secretary Delhi Shri KK Sharma & Pr. Secretary Finance Shri S.N. Sahai also participated among a large number of senior officers of the Government.

Launching the application “Bill Banvao Inaam Pao”, Shri Sisodia said that the scheme has empowered the citizens to become the part of the governance  and to check menace of tax evasion & further to increase the tax collection and the revenue for betterment and development of the capital.  Shri Sisodia expressed his satisfaction on the launch of the Scheme further expressing his hope said that the Odd Even Scheme, which was an uphill task, was a success with the help of the citizens of Delhi,  this scheme is also another giant step ensuring participation of Delhi Citizen.

He said that receiving invoice from a shopkeeper is a right of the customer. It is also mandated through DVAT ACT, 2004 to provide invoice by a registered selling dealer whenever sale is made which is liable to tax under this Act. It is a legal requirement for the shopkeeper/merchant/dealer to issue sale invoice, if he sells any good exceeding Rs 100 in a transactions to any person which should also contain the details of the dealer and item sold, tax charged.

As a citizen it is his/her right to obtain the bill against the purchase. “BILL BANVAO INAAM PAO” is a tool given by the government to the customer by which he insists for an invoice. The customer feels pride in payment of VAT and thus becomes partner in the development of Delhi. The customer can upload the bill through “BILL BANVAO INAAM PAO”  software and then becomes eligible for the inclusion in draw of lots.

In case of wrong/forged invoice, he can be helpful in preventing tax evasion by that dealer. As a good law abiding citizen it is the duty and right of a citizen to purchase goods only against the invoice.

In many instances the goods sold by the shopkeeper is inclusive of the tax and some shopkeepers who do not issue the invoice and do not maintain the proper books of account, fail to deposit VAT collected from the customer. In all such case both the government and customer are at loss.

Chief Secretary Shri KK Sharma congratulating the Department of Trade & Taxes said that the newly launched Scheme will go a long way to check the menace of tax evasion and will check the loopholes in siphoning the tax creating lost to  Government. This Scheme   “Bill Banvao Inaam Pao”  will ensure  that even a single penny paid by the citizen as VAT at the time of purchase is deposited in the Government treasury.

While lauding the efforts of the department, the Chief Secretary exhorted that the VAT authorities should also try to make use of the ample data collected through the application for better tax compliance. Sh. Shiv Charan Goel, Parliamentary Secretary to Finance Minister said that being a trader himself, he is hopeful that the scheme would also empower the genuine traders to sincerely collect the tax on behalf of the government as there would be an environment where every trader would be collecting and paying tax. Sh. S. N. Sahai, Principal Secretary (Finance) suggested to introduce the facility of SMS through which a customer can take benefit of the scheme.


Principal Secretary Shri S.N. Sahai said that the scheme will empower the customers, will lead to better and legitimate tax compliance and growth in GDP of Delhi for better Governance, equipped with to provide maximum benefits to the citizen in developing  Delhi as a whole. I hope that every citizen shall feel pride to be a stakeholder in the development of Delhi and its Growth.

The Commissioner Trade & Taxes Shri S.S. Yadav said that    the features of the scheme are:

  1. Public having Bill/Cash memo/Retail Invoice of taxable goods containing the valid TIN, for purchases  of value of goods  ≥ Rs100 of taxable value shall be eligible.
  2. Sale bills of motor vehicles and petroleum product, Tax invoices transactions between dealers, and Embassy sales have been kept out of scheme.
  3. The bills need to be uploaded by the public in Department website/whatsapp. The same shall be electronically recorded by the department.
  4. The bill to be uploaded within 07 days of purchase to become eligible for the draw of lots.
  5. Monthly basis draw of lots will be drawn, where number of awards

will be equivalent to 1% of the entries received. The award amount shall be 5 times the taxable value of goods in the bill subject to a maximum of Rs 50000/-

  1. One person shall be eligible for one prize only during a month. The higher of the prize amount would be awarded.
  2. The employees and their family members of Department of Trade and taxes are not eligible for reward.
  3. Computerized draw of lots will be held by department on 15th of the succeeding months.
  4. The prize money will be transferred into bank account of winner.

This scheme will enable the citizens to be part of non-interactive enforcement mechanism for VAT department.

Shri Yadav said that the scheme shall stop practice of issuance of katcha bill by the shopkeepers. The citizen who gets the purchase on Katcha bill are very prone to get the goods which may be without guarantee, being defective, having expiry date, duplicate, non-genuine and fake. Without proper invoice the citizen cannot complain the redressing agency/ company against any deficiency.

Any dealer found issuing a katcha bill, if detected through the app, the department may take action against shopkeeper engaged in illegal practice in violation of DVAT Act.

It is the tendency among some traders to sell the goods which have been purchased by them without bill from unauthorized channels.  The shopkeeper who makes the purchases without bill does not issue the proper bill to the end customer. This scheme shall be instrumental in curbing the malpractice.

This scheme is equally beneficial to the law abiding traders, as the traders on the other side who make sales against katcha bill, sell the goods on lower prices. Penalizing such unscrupulous dealers in the market shall create a better competition in the market and establish conducive atmosphere for trade.

Delhi Government empowers citizens with DJB MSewa app; provides e-payment convenience and grievance redressal online #DelhiGovernance #AAPatWork


New Delhi: 22/01/2016

The Government of Delhi intends to empower common man by making them partners in governance by launching various mobile App for availing public services in their hands and ensuring Departments making more responsive, quicker service provider and people friendly. This was stated by Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal while he was launching Android based Mobile App “ mSeva” of Delhi Jal Board in a function organized by DJB at Delhi Secretariat Today. Deputy Chief Minister, Shri Manish Sisodia, Tourism, Water Minister & Chairperson, Shri Kapil Mishra, Minister of Environment, Shri Imran Hussain, Vice Chairman DJB, Sh. Dinesh Mohaniya,  Delhi Chief Secretary, Shri K. K. Sharma and CEO, DJB, Shri Keshav Chandra were also present on this occasion. Chief Minister launched the “mSeva” by pushing the button.


The mobile app was launched simultaneously in all parts of Delhi. Live demonstration was carried out from two sites- DM South East Office and DM North Office (Alipur). During the live demonstration two consumers were shown registering themselves on the mSeva Mobile App and making payment of their water bills. DJB’s mSeva is a one-of-its kind Mobile App which provides consumers with the facility of Self Bill Generation and online payment. The App has been developed by TCS and its team.

Some of the key features of the DJB’s M-Seva Mobile App are:

  • Instant Self bill generation 24X7 anytime as per the consumer’s convenience
  • Facilities of Online payment, view and download previous bills and payment receipts, etc.
  • View profile details
  • Simple and easy steps for registration and use
  • Check water consumption graph

Speaking about the Mobile App, Sh. Kejriwal said, “With mSeva, the Delhi Jal Board has provided three fold benefits to its consumers, convenience, ease and instant results. With consumers living increasingly busy lives, DJB has provided them the facility through which they can pay their water bills 24X7 from the comfort of their homes, offices etc. The Mobile App will offer DJB, seamless connectivity and a direct interaction with its consumers. I am hopeful that the Mobile App will help DJB increase its productivity along with providing the consumers a rich user experience. I believe that this is just the first step that we have taken, we will come up with more innovative solutions to provide convenience to the public.  AAP government has taken proactive steps to ensure people’s participation in the governance of the city. He also insisted upon the need to create awareness about the Mobile Application, to organise camps and focus on various outreach activities.”

Dy.Chief Minister, Sh. Manish Sisodia said “On the launch of this Mobile App, I would like to congratulate the DJB officials for their sincere efforts. As we know, mobile apps are becoming so functional and popular among consumers, DJB has taken the right step by launching this mobile app. I hope to see mSeva be a one stop point for consumers from where they can generate their bill themselves without any external assistance. It is like taking consumer engagement to the next level where DJB is enabling the consumers to take water meter reading on their own. This will ensure increased transparency in the billing process and inculcate a sense of ownership in the governance. Through mSeva Mobile App, DJB has empowered its consumers.”

Sh. Kapil Mishra said “The m-Seva Mobile app will change the way the DJB interacts with its consumers. Now it is more personalized, quick and responsive. With the App, the DJB can stay closer to its customers, and be just a “fingertip” away at all times. The best thing about the m-Seva Mobile App is the simple and easy steps involved in using the app. A consumer no longer need to stand in queues at DJB’s Cash Collection Centres or Zonal Revenue Offices to pay their water bills, they can use this mobile app.”

CEO, DJB, Sh. Keshav Chandra greeted all the dignitaries present on this occasion and said, “With DJB’s mSeva, consumers can evaluate their water consumption. It has ensured greater transparency in the DJB’s billing process where we are showing belief in people taking and uploading water meter reading on their own. Consumers’ satisfaction is the core of DJB’s functioning. All our efforts are geared towards providing more and more convenience to our consumers. The Mobile app will prove to be yet another medium to improve the organization’s processes and increase the level of accessibility for its consumers.”

The video tutorial displaying the steps of the usage of mobile app was also shown and will be available at DJB’s website shortly for the convenience of the consumers. To further download this app the consumers are advised to call on 011- 23637640, to directly avail the link of this app.

Delhi Government celebrates Constitution Day; stresses on constitutional ideology, directive principles and political/economic freedom #DelhiGovernance #AAPatWork

  • Delhi Government celebrates Constitution Day
  • Today’s day i.e. 26 November should be celebrated  as comman man’s day in the entire country with fun-fair – Shri Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister, Delhi
  • Shri Manish Sisodia advocates the Directive Principles of State Policy enshrined in the constitution
  • Political freedom has no meaning without economic freedom – Shri Gopal Rai
  • Our ideology is “neither the ideology of Left Nor of Right”, our ideology is the ideology of the Constitution – Mr. Gopal Rai

New Delhi, November 26, 2015

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Manish Sisodia said that today`s  day is a historic day and it should be celebrated with fun & fair in the entire country as on this very day on 26th  November 1949 the citizens of India adopted, enacted and given themselves the Constitution of India. Shri Sisodia was speaking as Chief Guest in a function organized by the Delhi Government to celebrate “The Constitution Day” today at Mavalankar Auditorium.  Minister of Labour, Employment & Transport Shri Gopal Rai, Minister of SC/ST/OBC & Social Welfare, Shri Sandeep Kumar, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Delhi Shri KK Sharma, Pr. Secretary  Department of SC/ ST Shri SP Singh, eminent thinker & educationists Shri Dr. Vivek & Dr. Anula Maurya & thousands of admires of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar were also present on this occasion.

Remembering the role of Dr. Ambedkar as the father of the Indian Constitution, Shri Sisodia said that Dr. Ambedkar gave the country 66 years back such a great Constitution which provides the citizens justice, social, economic & political; liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith & worship; equality of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity & integrity of the nation for making India sovereign socialist secular & democratic republic.

Shri Sisodia said that was the day of the birthday of every Indian.  He said that our Constitution has solutions of all problems.  Whatever technological & scientific progress & evolution we have achieved this we have achieved only because of our great Constitution.

Shri Sisodia said that we have not yet achieved the objectives of our Constitution and we still have to go a long way because the founders of the Constitution dreamt for such a country where all citizens are treated equally, without any bias of religion, caste, creed, language, region & where everyone is  provided with the justice, liberty, equality & fraternity but it has not been translated into action.

Deputy Chief Minister stressed that to achieve the objectives of the Constitution and to meet the challenges we have to raise ourselves from the narrow feelings of  religion, caste, creed & colour & region & to upgrade the feeling of oneness and all around progress of the country.

Shri Sisodia advocated for the implementation of the  Directive Principles of State Policy enshrined in the Constitution for giving  justice to all.

Labor, Employment and Transport Minister Shri Gopal Rai said that our Government is the Government of the common man in Delhi. Our Government’s ideology is the ideology of “neither  of the Left,  nor of the Right” but our ideology is the ideology of the Constitution. People trusted us and we will not break their trust. We are committed to provide them justice according to the Constitution. Shri Rai said that political freedom is meaningless  without achieving economic freedom.

SC, ST, OBC & Social Welfare  Minister Shri Sandeep Kumar said that Delhi Government is the first Government in the country which has celebrated the Constitution Day.  He said that his Government will organized bigger functions to celebrate the Constitution Day in the coming years.  He paid tribute to Dr. Babasaheb BR Ambedkar for giving the country such a great Constitution.

On this occasion, Deputy Chief Minister presented awards to ten personalities who achieved excellence in different fields with citations & cash prize.  They included  Shri K.L. Chancharik, Shri Avinash Chandra Shastri, Shri Sanjay Kanwal, Dr. Sheoraj Singh, Dr. Roop Chand Gautam,  Shr Hansraj Suman, Sh. Sanjeev Kumar, Shri Girish Chand Nishana, Dr. Om and Shri Praveen Kumar.

Surprise inspections and spot checks conducted by Food and Civil Supplies Minister to improve governmental functioning at district offices #DelhiGovernance #AAPatWork

Mr. Imran Hussain, Minister of Food & Supplies & Consumer Affairs, on Thursday, conducted surprise inspection of North West District Zonal Office of Weight and Measures Department located at Wazirpur Industrial Area.

During the inspection, a number of irregularities were noticed. Stray dogs were found sleeping outside the chamber of Zonal Officer In-charge.  The premises were found in inhuman and inhospitable conditions.

The District office houses a laboratory meant for calibrating various weights and measuring instruments. Surprisingly the Laboratory was found closed even on the Lab Day when it was meant to be open for calibrating the instruments.  The Officers/ Officials concerned could not offer any cogent reasons for the closure of Lab.

The Minister also noticed that a number of verification certificates were prepared without any supporting documents such as bill of repairer etc., in violation of the rules. The Minister expressed strong displeasure over the state of affairs of the office as well as its functioning.  Mr. Imran Hussain directed for immediate suspension of Junior Meteorological Assistant.

During the inspection, the attendance of the officials was also checked.  The record keeping in the office was also not found as per norms.

The Minister directed Commissioner (Food & Supplies) to conduct an inquiry into the matter.  He has also sought explanation of the concerned Legal Meteorological Officer, Zonal Officer as well as their superior officers before deciding further course of action in the matter.

The functioning for calibration of Auto Taxi metres also found not up to the mark.

The Minister further directed that proper cleanliness of the premises needs to be ensured. Further, he ordered that there should be a proper Reception Counter for the convenience of public at the Zonal office. The Minister instructed the Department to ensure display of citizen charter at prominent location, proper name plates of the officers/ officials concerned, provision of public facilities for convenience of visitors etc.

Mr. Hussain also desired that the Departmental officers/ officials should have public service orientation for extending maximum cooperation to the public. He further informed that no laxity will be given and corruption will not be tolerated at any cost.

The Minister also informed that such surprise inspections will be carried out in other offices as well from time to time in order to ensure proper delivery of services to the citizens of Delhi.

Power Minister @SatyendarJain pushes for energy conservation and audit; suggests thermal storage, building insulation and power subsidies as methods to improve energy costs/usage #DelhiGovernance #AAPatWork


Dated : 30/3/2016

Power Minister of Delhi Mr. Satyendar Jain inaugurated the one Day Technical Meet of certified Energy Managers and Energy Auditors held on Wednesday (30th March, 2016) at the Delhi Secretariat.  The meet was organised by Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Management Centre, Department of Power, Govt. of Delhi, in association with National Productivity Council.

The Secretary (Power) GNCTD, Dy. Director General, National Productivity Council, other officers of power sector, National Productivity Council and Bureau of Energy Efficiency were present in the programme apart from more than 120 Energy Auditors and Energy Managers.

This was the first ever interaction with the Energy Auditors and Energy Managers in Delhi and provided a platform for knowledge exchange and networking in order to make substantial progress in the field of energy efficiency and energy conservation.  During the conference, emphasis was on energy conservation and efficient use of electrical appliances.

The Power Minister, Delhi, highlighted the surplus production of energy and the gap between the production of electricity and the actual consumption in the country. He also emphasised that the expenditure on energy efficiency and energy conservation is most viable option because the cost of energy saved would be certainly more than the expenditure incurred in these measures. This will also lead to further saving since by reducing the demand, the need for establishment of additional generating plants will be reduced. He asked Power Department to audit all the buildings of departments/undertakings of Govt. of NCT of Delhi including the Delhi Secretariat and to find out the potential of energy savings after which decision shall be taken to adopt and enforce the energy efficiency and energy conservation measures.

The Delhi Power Minister suggested to the auditors to diligently audit the consumers without any fear so that the expected possible reduction in the consumption can be achieved which can go upto 25%. He further measures like thermal storage, building insulation and taking advantage of differential tariff to reduce the overall energy cost in the organisation.

The conservation of energy, efficient use of energy and the conservation of environment remained the main subject during the conference. The officers of the Power Department informed that various steps have been taken for energy efficiency and energy conservation especially for the Delhi Secretariat. The power factor of Delhi Secretariat has improved from 0.90 to 0.98 by installing/repairing the capacitor bank, which led to substantial savings in energy cost. The contracted electrical demand of Delhi Secretariat has reduced by 500 KVA which has led to good savings in the fixed cost. A 3 MW solar Power plant is being set up at IP Station which is fully dedicated for Delhi Secretariat. 1 MW capacity has already been installed and a cumulative saving of around 20 lakhs has already been achieved through this. With these measures, Delhi Government is expected to save more than Rs.20 lakhs per month in the days to come.

Apart from this, around 45 lakhs LED bulbs have been distributed to the consumers of Delhi at subsidised rates and around 1.62 lakh street lights have been changed from conventional to energy efficient LED light.  This will save around 75 MW of electricity. It is proposed to change all the conventional street lights of Delhi with energy efficient LED lights.

The officers of the Power Department and the National Productivity Council informed that such conference will be held regularly to sensitise the energy professionals and the public on the necessity of energy conservation and sustainable development.

Delhi Government is committed to conserve energy & environment and assured all support to the Energy Managers & Auditors in achieving this objective in the state of Delhi. The speakers during the conference included Secretary (Power) Mr. Sukesh Kumar Jain, Special Secretary (Power) Mr. Ajay Kumar Bisht, Dy. Director General, NPC Mr. Siddarth Sharma, Executive Officer (EE & REM) Mr. R.K. Srivastava, Director, NPC Mr. B.D. Bhandary, Energy Economist, BEE, Mr. Saurabh Diddi, former Professor of IIT Delhi Mr. N.D. Kaushik and Mr. Pradeep Kumar, TERI.