Delhi Governance hampered again with GoI stopping 3 out of 6 corridors of Metro Phase-IV; Delhi Government urges Union Government to speed processing #AAPatWork


Reaction of Transport Minister Sh. Kailash Gahlot:

Union Cabinet has approved 03 out of 06 corridors of Delhi Metro’s Phase-IV Project. While I am glad by this decision taken by the Government of India, I must convey that I am disappointed with the Union Cabinet approving only 03 corridors. The Cabinet of Delhi had approved all the 06 corridors comprised in Metro’s Phase-IV Project on 21.12.2018. Even after more than two months of this decision, the Union Cabinet has approved only 03 corridors.  No reasons have been given as to why all the 06 corridors could not be approved.  I hope that the Union Cabinet would approve the remaining 03 corridors as well at an early date.

Delhi Government’s Mukhyamantri Solar Power Scheme for Rooftops; Rs 2 per unit generation based incentive set to scale renewable energy in the city #Sustainability #DelhiGovernance


The Delhi cabinet in its meeting on Tuesday, chaired by the Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal approved the following important decisions.

1)      The cabinet approved Department of Power’s proposal for Mukhyamantri Solar Power Scheme for roof tops of domestic consumers of group housing societies.

Under the Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) model, the domestic consumer will not have to spend any money for the installation of solar panels, it will be done by the selected service providers.

There will be a tripartite agreement between the concerned group housing society, the service provider (Company) and the Delhi government.

The cost of solar power (electricity) for the group housing society will be Rs one per unit since Delhi government will provide a subsidy of Rs two per unit. (The estimated cost of solar power initially is likely to be Rs three per unit).

The cost of solar power will finally depend on the spacer provided by them for the installation of solar panels and in case societies provide more space for solar panels than their requirement, they will get the benefit in return in terms of further reduction in the price of solar power.



Residential Sector has a big role to play in solar power development in Delhi. There is a huge potential, but so far, solar development in this sector is yet to catch up. Delhi Government is giving a Generation Based Incentive (GBI) of Rs 2.00 per unit on solar generation for a three year period from 2016-17 to 2018-19, as per “Delhi Solar Policy -2016” notified vide No. 205 dated 28.09.2015. The GBI is disbursed on annual basis by DISCOMs and Power department reimbursed this payment to DISCOMs.

Following provision of funds from Air Ambience Fund, for disbursement of GBI, has been kept:

i)                  FY 2016                                 Rs. 10.00 Crore

ii)                 FY 2017                                 Rs. 20.00 Crore

iii)                FY 2018                                 Rs. 30.00 Crore

 Approximately 100 MW of solar power has been installed in Delhi. It has been mostly in government buildings like DMRC(20 MW), DJB, Technical Institutions (DTU, NSIT, IP University, IGDTUW, Government Engineering colleges, Polytechnics, it is, Mandoli Jail, Azadpur Mandi, Dwarka Court, Schools, Delhi Haat, bus depots etc).

In domestic sectors, it is around 05 MW. Around  8-10  Group Housing societies and some individual consumers have also installed solar power. The reason for less utilization is due to poor response for solar adoption by Domestic/Residential Sector consumers.

Disbursement of GBI during 2016-17 and 2017-18 was Rs. 2.84 lakh and less than Rs. 50 lakh respectively. For full utilization of this Rs. 60 Crore budget, solar installations of 76 MW in domestic sector was envisaged. Till date around 5 MW Solar Plants have been installed.

For the concept of solarise  Delhi, as envisaged in Delhi Solar Policy 2016, to gain momentum, residential sector needs to be geared up for solar installation.

Since solar is in initial phases in domestic sector, there is need for extending GBI and also need for course correction in view of new tariff regime. For giving impetus, there is need to extend the Generation Based Incentive (GBI for a period of 5 years starting from 2019-20. This will cover solar installations in domestic (residential) sector including Group Housing Societies. Combined with a decrease in solar tariff, this will offset the impact of electricity tariff and will increase adoption to Solar by consumers from Residential/Domestic Sector. For a typical solar power plant, this will amount to GBI payment of Rs 13000/KW in five years. This payment will amount to 22-25% on benchmark solar costs.

Dy CM @msisodia presents Annual Urdu Awards; appeals for the creation of literature to preserve communal harmony, brotherhood, and cultural heritage #AAPatWork #Ideology #Swaraj

Deputy Chief Minister distributes annual awards to Urdu Scholars.

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Manish Sisodia today honoured the Urdu Scholars for Poetry,Journalism,Drama,Translation, Writing in a function organised by Urdu Academy at Delhi Secretariat, New Delhi. The Deputy Chief Minister awarded the Scholars with Cash Prize, Shawl, citation and memento.

Shri Sisodia while awarding the Scholars, appealed them to create more and more literature sending the message to the people for preserving   countries communal harmony, brotherhood and cultural heritage.


1 ALL INDIA BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR AWARD to Mr. Mujtaba Husain  –  Rs.1,50,000/-

2.PT. BRIJ MOHAN DATATARIA KAIFI AWARD – Mr. Firoz Dehalavi – Rs.1,50,000/-

3.  AWARD FOR RESEARCH & CRITICISM – Prof. Haneef Kaifi – Rs.50,000/.-

4.  AWARD FOR CREATIVE WRITING – Dr. Khalid Jawed – Rs.50,000/-

5.  AWARD FOR POETRY –  Prof. Khalid Mahmood –  Rs.50,000/-

6.  AWARD FOR JOURNALISM –  Mr. Mansoor Agha – Rs.50,000/-

7.  AWARD FOR TRANSLATION – Dr. Abdul Naseeb Khan – Rs.50,000/-

8.  AWARD FOR DRAMA – Dr. M. Sayeed Alam – Rs.50,000/-

Delhi Government continues transformative support to farmers; provides Rs. 105 subsidy per KW/per month for agriculture electricity connections #PublicInfrastructure #AAPatWork #JaiKisaan

Delhi govt to provide Rs 105 subsidy per KW/per month for agriculture electricity connections  

The Delhi Cabinet in its meeting, chaired by the Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal has approved the Department of Power’s proposal to provide a subsidy of Rs 105 per Kilo Watt every month on fixed charges for agriculture consumers (farmers) of Delhi.

 The details of the decision are as follows :

1)      Electricity subsidy on exiting tariff @ Rs.105/KW/month will be provided on fixed charges to agricultural connections in Delhi for financial years 2018-19 and 2019-20. (It will begin from 1st April 2018)

2)      This decision will be informed to the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission and.

3)      The Distribution Companies (DISCOMs) will have to ensure that subsidy/relief is released only to genuine agricultural consumers/connections.

4)      The entire amount of subsidy to be released to DISCOMs shall be credited to the accounts of IPGCL, PPCL and DTL to the extent of outstanding current dues of DISCOMs to these companies.

5)      Special audit of subsidy released to DISCOMs vis-à-vis actually passed on to the consumers account may be undertaken by DERC.

The agriculture sector in the country is already under distress and the Delhi government is committed to the welfare of the farmers of Delhi, therefore this scheme has been introduced to provide them the much needed relief.

Delhi government is of the firm view that electricity is a basic requirement for farming and is required for irrigation through tube wells, thrashing and related functions.

The agriculture electricity subsidy is expected to benefit atleast 11,000 consumers. A provision of Rs 7.50 crore has been made for this step.

Delhi Assembly speaker RamNiwas Goel exhorts poets and writers to write about forests, environment and humanitarian values #AAPIdeology #Swaraj #Article51A



Delhi: 27/02/2019

Speaker, Delhi Legislative Assembly, Shri Ram Niwas Goel appealed the Poets and Writers to create more and more literature on Patriotism and Nationalism and unity to motivate the society in inculcating the feelings of Patriotism and Nationality. Shri Goel was speaking, while releasing a collection of poems “Chetana Ke Swar” authored by the eminent writer Shri Kumar Hirdayesh in a function organised in his office at Delhi Vidhan Sabha today. Former Secretary, Vidhan Sabha, Shri P. R. Meena, a number of writers and the author and his wife were also present on this occasion.

Speaker said that writers and poets are the torch bearers of Society and whatever literature the create/produce, people have full-faith in it and follow it in their day to day life. He said that in other words, the poets and writers are the mirrors of the society and whatever is prevalent in the society, it reflects in their literature/creations.

Shri Goel said that the writers should create literature on patriotism, nationalism, human and moral values, unity and diversity and communal harmony to ensure all around development and progress of the country. Apart from creating literature on forest, environment, animals, birds, earth and energy to give a direction to the society to keep ecological balance.

Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal appoints Special PP in Soumya Viswanathan murder trial; promises action against delayed justice and prosecutorial negligence #AAPatWork #Dignity

CM directs Chief Secretary to appoint Special PP in journalist murder case   

Delhi Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal has directed the Chief Secretary to ensure the immediate appointment of a Special Public Prosecutor in the ongoing murder trial of late Soumya Viswanathan.

The Chief Minister has taken strong exception to reports that the parents of the late journalist have pointed out about the absence of a Public Prosecutor during the past few dates of hearing in the court.

The Chief Minister has noted that it is “absolutely shocking” and directed the Chief Secretary to immediately issue a show cause notice to the Public Prosecutor who has skipped hearings and not taken the duty seriously.

“It has been brought to my notice and the government will ensure appointment of a good lawyer as Special Public Prosecutor in this case. Show cause notice will be issued to the concerned PP responsible for any negligence,” Mr Kejriwal said.

The Chief Minister has directed the Department of Home to take all necessary steps in the case.

Delhi government has consistently stood by the victims’ families and has ensured appointment of lawyers according to the choice of such families in criminal cases.

The government adopts a policy of zero tolerance in such serious matters and any negligence of duty will be sternly dealt with.

Families who lose their near and dear ones due to heinous crimes are shattered for no fault of theirs and cannot be put to any further hardship due to a callous and negligent attitude.

Those representing the prosecution are expected to ensure speedy delivery of justice so that there is no recurrence of such heinous crimes.

MDH Masale, Flipkart, Krishna Pickles and Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum: An inspiring launch to an intiative to free student minds and make job-creators by CM @ArvindKejriwal for Delhiites #DelhiGovernance #AAPatWork


Ø  Iconic entrepreneurs – Padmabhushan Mahashay Dharampal Gulati and Deputy Chief Minister, Shri Manish Sisodia launch Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum Framework in Government Schools for Classes IX to XII.

Ø  “This curriculum will unleash the inner potential of the child and set an example in the nation to empower our students with human facets and mindsets to make them future ready”- Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal

Ø  Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum Framework focuses on imparting the personality and character traits of successful entrepreneurs, than sheer business aspects of entrepreneurship.

Ø  Deputy Chief Minister announces to grant Entrepreneurial seed money worth Rs. 1000 for school students for class 11th and 10th and Rs. 5000 for college students from the next year onwards.

Ø  If, the youth of this country and learns entrepreneurship and becomes job givers rather than job seekers, one day India will become superpower in the world- Chief Secretary, Shri Vijay Dev

New Delhi: 13/02/2019

The iconic entrepreneur and businessman Padmabhushan Mahashay Dharampal Gulati, Founder of MDH Spices and Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Sh. Manish Sisodia today launched the Delhi government’s path-breaking Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum Framework for government schools, in the Capital, in a function organized by SCERT in the presence of Chief Secretary Delhi, Shri Vijay Dev, co-founder of Flipkart, Binny Bansal, Krishna Yadav founder of Shri Krishna Pickles  at Thyagaraj Sports Complex, New Delhi.

This is the second innovative measure in curricular reforms taken by the Government of Delhi, after the launch of Happiness Curriculum in July 2018.

The Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum Framework was developed by State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT). It will be implemented the government school of Delhi from classes IX to XII and will build awareness and knowledge of various aspects entrepreneurship among the students.  This curriculum will inspire students through various entrepreneurial stories, case studies and many mindfulness activities and approaches.  It focuses on imparting the personality and character traits of successful entrepreneurs other than the business aspects of entrepreneurship.

Padmabhushan Mahashay Shri Dharampal Gulati, Binny Bansal and Krishna Yadav narrated their inspirational success stories, as they had humble beginning and faced enormous difficulties on their way to envious success.  All of them were optimistic about the scope of the newly launched Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum, in instilling entrepreneurial skills and values in the minds of the younger generation. Bansal, co-founder of Flipkart hoped that this initiative will be instrumental in changing the mindset of students towards entrepreneurship, and making the students job makers than job seekers.

Shri Sisodia said, “By launching the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum Framework, Delhi government set an example for the entire world”, He Said “This curriculum will solve the employment issues in the country, and enable the schools in Delhi to become the best among the world”.

“The Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum Framework will invariably bring about a paradigm shift in the education system in the way students explore and learn and in the manner teachers facilitate and guide these exploratory processes”, Shri Sisodia added.

He congratulated everyone who worked hard to materialize this landmark initiative, specially mentioning the team members behind this ambitious project and solicited ideas and contributions from various stakeholders.

While acknowledging the limitations of the governments to provide jobs for all, Shri Sisodia anticipated a viable solution in this regard, by promoting entrepreneurship and creating visionary entrepreneurs. “Nation’s economy is not built by job seekers but by job providers”, he asserted. Also, he emphasized that entrepreneurial mindset is required for all professionals to be successful in their career. “Success stories of various professionals and public servants testify it”, he said.

Shri Sisodia announced that Delhi government will give entrepreneurial seed money worth Rs. 1000 for school children of 11th and 12th standard and Rs. 5000 to college students. The cost of this scheme – approximately 40 – 50 crore will be allocated by the Delhi government in the next financial year onwards.

Shri Vijay Kumar Dev, Chief Secretary of Delhi, said that entrepreneurial mindset will enable the students to dream big and pursue actual entrepreneurial initiatives, while addressing the event. He said that righteousness is must for achieving the goal in life for becoming self reliant. He further said that  if, the youth of this country and learns entrepreneurship and becomes job givers rather than job seekers, one day India will become superpower in the world.

“This curriculum will unleash the inner potential of the child and set an example in the nation to empower our students with human facets and mindsets to make them future ready” reads a message by Shri Arvind Kejriwal in the curricular framework document, released by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT).