How Delhi Government is rejuvenating its old canals, minors and irrigation channels to create sustainabille ecology using floodplain water #DelhiGovernance #AAPatWork @ankit_delhii

  1. Rejuvenation of old canals, minors, irrigation channels

As the ground water table of Delhi region is depleting day by day posing serious threat to the ecology of Delhi region, this project was initiated to recharge the sub-soil water of Delhi region by using flood water during rainy season through minors, old canals and irrigation channels.

In case of rejuvenation of irrigation minors, 5 Haryana Irrigation Minors located in the territory of Delhi have been identified namely: Mundka Minor, Sultanpur Minor, Budhanpur Minor, Auchandi Minor and Jaunti Minor.

The primary objective of the project is also to create facilities for the farmers of Delhi in tapping the ground water through tube-wells for agriculture purpose besides to rejuvenate / recharge the sub-soil water level of Delhi.

Scope of Project:-

  1. Feasibility study for construction of rain water Harvesting System(s) including treatment system in irrigation minors of Haryana Irrigation facilitate ground water recharge during the monsoon seasons.
  2. Identification of nearby sources of floodwater/rainwater to fill the minors.
  3. Assessment of hydrogeology including underground water level, sub-soil type, percolation tests, ground water level movement, fresh water-saline water interface, nature of aquifers available underground etc.
  4. Survey of vacant land/forest or Gram Sabha or water body adjacent to running length of irrigation minors and drains of CD VIII, I&FC Department where water can be release for percolation (by gradient or pumping) including assessment of land ownership and hindrance involved in such mechanism.
  5. Mapping of existing and recommendations for new pumping structure/diversion structure to take water from minor to nearby basins (Gram Sabha land, agriculture field, wells) along with assessment of potential of recharge.

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