Rajokri Water Body Rejuvenation through innovations in programs and practices of Delhi Government #DelhiGovernance #AAPatWork

  1. Pilot Project for the revival of the water body at Rajokri

In the same vein, the I&FC Dept. of the Delhi Govt. has, at a cost of Rs. 222.10 lakhs, successfully revived the water body at Rajokri village (commissioned w.e.f. 22.09.2018). The water body with a total land area of ~9941 m2 was initially fed with wastewater discharged from surrounding areas. SWAB technology has been used to treat 0.6 MLD wastewater and bring down the BOD to 24 from an initial level of 114. The area surrounding the revived waterbody has been landscaped with a Chhat Puja Ghat, amphitheater, and walking paths to encourage community participation.

The primary objective of the project is to create an eco-friendly ambiance in the surroundings of water bodies by creating public space for various recreational facilities for the public so as to create a sense of responsibility in the public to behave sensibly in the preservation and conservation of their surroundings particularly around the water bodies. After the success of Rajokri Water Body, the concept of which has been applauded and appreciated by various environmentalists who have visited this site after development, the department has planned a comprehensive proposal to rejuvenate 95 water bodies to replicate the model of Rajokri to create public participation at large so as to protect the lifeline of the environment i.e. water bodies.  Further, it has also been ensured that the water level of Delhi is recharged which is depleting day by day after treating the wastewater of the water bodies at the inlet point by using SWAB technology.

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