Small steps to transform a generation. Delhi Govt. to ensure students have 100% ability to read.

New Delhi: 25/09/2016

New phase of Chunauti begins, as schools gear up for Nov 14 deadline

* Delhi Government schools working towards Deputy CM Shri Manish Sisodia’s ‘Every Child Can Read’ target

* Directorate of Education draws up strategy to meet Nov 14 deadline under Chunauti 2018

The Delhi Government’s ‘Chunauti 2018’ academic plan entered a new phase this week as the entire school machinery gears up to meet Deputy CM Shri Manish Sisodia’s ‘100% Ability to Read’ target. A baseline assessment done as part of Delhi government’s education reforms had shown that 74% students in Class 6 could not read their own textbooks. Therefore, the first step in academic improvement would be ensure that every child can read. On Teachers Day, earlier this month, the Hon. Minister had administered a pledge to teachers that all children studying in Classes 6 to 8 would be able to read by Children’s Day, 14th November. “The Government has constantly worked on improving infrastructure and teaching conditions in Government schools of Delhi. Improving learning levels of children is also a priority for our Government. The 100% Ability to Read initiative will go a long way in helping children learn better and faster in schools,” said Hon. Minister Shri Manish Sisodia.

Chunauti 2018 – a plan to provide special support to children who were not able to read their grade appropriate textbook has already borne fruit. Many students from the “Nishtha” level have now achieved reading skills and basic mathematical abilities and will now to transitioned to their grade appropriate syllabus over the remaining academic year. Those who are still non-readers were be given special support and attention, to ensure that by 14th November, they acquire the ability to read with comprehension.

One hour a day shall be set aside for reading based activities, and a special teacher shall be assigned for every set of 30 non-readers to provide them with extra support. The Directorate of Education wants to be in a position to monitor progress of children through such activities. Each Saturday, the teacher would be expected to conduct a review of the class’ reading levels using assessment tools designed by SCERT. Regional Directors of Education will also hold weekly review meetings, along with the Deputy Directors of Education, Heads of Schools and Mentor Teachers, to monitor the progress of the “Every Child Can Read” campaign.

In order to engage the parents and the community with this entire effort, School Management Committees (SMCs) of some schools will also be organising ‘Reading Melas’ where local children will come with their parents and participate in fun reading activities in a community area. This will improve awareness about the importance of the ability to read and encourage collective action in ensuring children are able to read and write.

The Delhi Government has constantly taken new innovative measures to improve the level of education in government schools of Delhi, and this effort is another one towards this goal.

Delhi Govt. takes strong steps to ensure proper student assessment in Chunauti 2018


New Delhi : 21st  September, 2016

Delhi Government’s Education Directorate has undertaken a stupendous task in a Mission mode, named ‘Chunnauti-2018’.The objective is to significantly improve the learning levels of students studying in classes from 6th to 9th of Government Schools of Delhi.

The first semester end Examinations (Summative Assessment-I) under the “Chunnauti-2018’ are being held during 19th September-4th October, 2016. Directorate of Education, Government of NCT of Delhi has made massive arrangements for making exams an effective tool of assessment.

Separate question papers have been set for ‘Nishtha’ & ‘Pratibha’ groups of 6th to 8th students, as per the syllabi covered by them. Regular classes are  simultaneously being held along with the Exams for Vishwas group of IX class.

The working approach for this has been percolated down up to all the Regular and Guest teachers in 1024 schools through a series of efforts. Apart from multiple online circulars, all Head of Schools were addressed by Director of Education  on 5th August 2016 explaining ‘Chunnauti-2018’ and emphasizing the need to focus to bring significantly children lagging in academics to a level where they can read and write fluently and effortlessly.

The Director Education herself visited  a number of schools (GBSS Azadpur Village, GGSSS/GBSSS Sona Vihar, SKV C-2  Block and  SKV B-1 Block  Yamuna Vihar etc. ) and  reviewed   the process of implementation of Chunauti-2018 among students in classrooms, interacted  directly with the teachers seeking their feedback.

Regional Directors conducted district wise meetings to clarify the process of the examination in view of Chunauti 2018, and to convey it to all the Head of Schools of their Districts.

RDs, DDEs have made more than 100 inspections to schools in a run up to the exams & during first 2 days of the exams.

The Directorate of Education has constituted 17 Flying Squads from its Officers with DDE Zones as head of Team and two SPEs/DEO from other Zones to assist them during examinations for checking the effective implementation & enforcement of Zero Tolerance during the exams. Department has identified 127 schools for centralized inspection.

Government of Delhi, in addition, has constituted 12 Flying squads headed by SDMs and DDE Zones to assist them in all the Revenue Districts to inspect oversee the orderly conduct of the exams. These teams shall be visiting at least 60 schools in next 10 days.

Total 220 Inspections have been carried out during SA-I/ First term examination from 19/09/2016 to 21/09/2016 to ensure orderly Exams.

Delhi Govt. to provide Rs. 1 crore compensation to families of Delhi Fire Service who lose their lives in the line of service

The Delhi Cabinet, in its meeting on Wednesday chaired by the Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal took the following decision :


Delhi Fire Service personnel will now be covered in the existing policy of providing Rs one crore compensation to the families of those personnel of uniformed services losing their lives in performing dangerous duties in the national capital.

Delhi Govt. to give bravery awards on Independence Day and Republic Day, every year

The Delhi Cabinet, in its meeting on Wednesday chaired by the Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal took the following decision :

Delhi government introduces its bravery awards to be given on Independence Day and Republic every year. Ten awards each will be given and will carry a cash award of Rs two lakh each. Members of the public will have a right to send nominations for these awards.

Delhi Govt. conducts massive #FoggingAbhiyaan in lieu of BJP’s MCD

Fogging drive picks up on the second day; number of machines increased to cover more areas

On the second day of the special fogging drive on Friday to eliminate mosquitoes which spread vector borne diseases like Chikungunya and Dengue, the PWD deployed professional agencies which used around 200 small machines and 25 big machines for carrying out the work in different parts of Delhi.

Special Fogging work in the areas maintained by the Municipal Corporations of Delhi had begun on Thursday. The drive is being supervised by PWD engineers on the ground quite vigorously and in right earnest to give relief to the public of Delhi from the spread of these vector borne diseases. The fogging will be done in every street and locality on alternate days.

The drive has been planned in a way that at least seven to eight fogging machines will be operational in every constituency at a given time in next few days.

The Delhi government initiative is being appreciated by the residents of Delhi according to the feedback being received regularly.

The government has made it clear that the special fogging drive is to supplement the efforts of the civic agencies, since given the feedback there is a great demand from the public to fumigate their respective residential areas.

The government is hopeful of positive contribution from all the civic agencies in ensuring relief to the public. Prevention from vector borne diseases is a priority at the current juncture.

(Photographs of the fogging drive are being regularly shared by the PWD teams on the ground)

Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal urges LG to recall DERC Chairman and not reverse pro-people power sector decisions

  1. I have carefully perused the directions of Hon’ble Lt. Governor on pre-page and wish to submit the following for the kind consideration of the Hon’ble Lt. Governor.
  1. The constitution of the said Selection Committee as well as the process of selection was carried outin accordance with the provisions of the Electricity Act. However, Hon’ble Lt. Governor has taken the view that since his approval was not taken for constitution of the Selection Committee and final selection from the penal of two candidates as recommended by the Selection Committee, the entire process has been vitiated and needs to be started afresh.  On the other hand, our reading of the laws and the Transaction of Business Rules suggests that no such prior approval of the Hon. Lt. Governor is mandated by law or rules.    Hence, the proposals were not submitted for his approval.


  1. In the meanwhile, the Hon’ble High Court has held that it is mandatory to obtain the views/concurrence of the Hon’ble Lt. Governor in such matters, though it has not referred to any requirement of “approval”. As the Hon. Lt. Governor is aware, the said judgment of the High court has been challenged before the Hon’ble Supreme Court and is likely to come up for final hearing in early November. Since the matter is sub judice, it would only be appropriate that we may await the final orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court.


  1. While the outcome of the Supreme Court proceedings is awaited, I wish to request the Hon’ble Lt. Governor to kindly review the matter in public interest for the reasons stated below.


  1. As noted above, the entire selection process was conducted in a fair and transparent manner and in full conformity with law while bearing public interest in mind. There is not an iota of mala fide, bias or other irregularity in the process.   The Selection Committee was headed by a retired High Court Judge and included the Chairman, CERC and the Chief Secretary as Members.   The panel of the two names recommended by the Selection Committee was considered and a reasoned decision was taken for final selection of Shri Krishna Saini.


  1. The only infirmity observed by the Hon’ble Lt. Governor is the lack of approval by him. Copies of both the Appointment Order of the Selection Committee and Appointment Order of Chairman was duly sent to the Hon’ble Lt. Governor. Neither any objection was raised by the Hon. Lt. Governor nor were the relevant files called. The Hon’ble Lt. Governor is aware, this is a curable defect, even if we assume that it was a defect.   Thus, I would urge the Hon’ble Lt. Governor to review his order in the matter.


  1. Furthermore, it may be noted that the entire process of appointment was under the scrutiny of the Hon. High Court in two PILs. At every stage i.e. issue of advertisement, constitution of Selection Committee and final selection of Chairman, the progress of developments, including seeking of the ex-post facto approval, were apprised to the Hon’ble High Court and the Government was allowed to make the said appointment, subject to the outcome of writ petition.  Though stay of the selection process was sought, it was never granted by the Hon’ble High Court.


  1. You are aware that since his appointment as Chairman, Sh Saini had taken a number of measures in the interest of consumers which inter alia include (i) amendment of Supply Code to provide for payment of compensation by Discoms to consumers for unscheduled power outages; (ii) amendment of Supply Code easing the Maximum Demand Indicator (MDI) regulations and making them consumer friendly; (iii) Proposal to allow individual metering in co-operative societies so that individual consumers can avail benefit of Delhi Government’s subsidy scheme; and (iv) imposing penalty on Discoms for various lapses etc. Many more consumer friendly measures were in the process. It seems evident that declaring the appointment as void ab initio after a period of over six months may lead to serious difficulties as all decisions of DERC taken during this period will also become null and void, leading to serious problems for the power sector in Delhi, especially huge adverse impact on the consumers. This could not have been the intention of the Hon’ble Lt. Governor.


  1. I would, therefore, urge the Hon. Lt. Governor to kindly reconsider his said directions in public interest and, if required, call me for discussion at his convenience.


(Arvind Kejriwal)

Chief Minister